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'Save the Tigers' trailer gets fantastic response

 'Save the Tigers' trailer gets fantastic response 

The trailer of director and showrunner Mahi V Raghava's upcoming Telugu web show 'Save the Tigers', has got a fantastic response as it struck a chord with the audience! The trailer, which was released on Thursday, is packed with gentle humor and comedy scattered around the characters in the show. 

Comedy films are considered ‘family films’. And comedy, if nicely woven around 'marriage and relationship' can never go wrong. Priyadarshi's comic timing, Abhinav Gomattam's wit and Chaitanya Krishna's dialogues have evoked laughter! The trailer of 'Save the Tigers' has proved that the show has the potential to be one of the funniest rides. 

Save the Tigers is a humorous drama involving the lives of three couples Ganta Ravi and Hymavathi (played by Priyadarshi and Jordaar Sujatha), Goutam and Madhuri (played by Abhinav Gomattam and Pavani Gangireddy), Vikram and Deviyani (played by Chaitanya Krishna and Deviyani) respectively. The show ventures into the world of three frustrated husbands who meet by chance and bond strongly over their similar marriage problems at a pub.

Streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar on April 27, 2023, 'Save the Tigers', the Telugu web show will be Mahi V Raghava's digital debut (through his production company Three Autumn Leaves).


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