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"Kalyanamastu" movie to be released on May 12

"Kalyanamastu" movie to be released on May 12

Shekhar Ayan Varma and Vaibhavi Rao are the hero and heroines of the movie "Kalyanamastu" under the direction of O.Sai. So far, every content from this love & action film has impressed the audience immensely.

Currently, the film team has released a song titled Summer from this film. The song is penned by Alaraju and sung by Yajin Nazir and Aditi Bhavraju.

"Nee jathalo needalle vundana kadadhaka kaniru aanadhe radhika 

Tears are tears

Yem Mayano nadipinchi nannila needhaka adugiyana doorme kaninka" are impressive.

The film is directed by O. Sai and produced by Boyapati Raghubabu. R.R. Dhruvan has composed the music and cinematography by Mallikarjun Naragani. The film "Kalyanamastu" will be released on May 12.


Shekhar Verma, Vaibhavi Rao


Directed by: O. Sai,

Producer: Boyapati Raghubabu,

Cameraman: Mallikarjun Naragani,

Music: RR Dhruvan

PRO: Eluru Srinu

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