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Singer Mangli, Lyricist Kasarla Shyam's devotional 'Krishna Tatvam' song from 'Ari' out now!!

Singer Mangli, Lyricist Kasarla Shyam's devotional 'Krishna Tatvam' song from 'Ari' out now!!

Paper Boy fame director Jayashankar's new film titled 'Ari' - My name is Nobody. R.V. Reddy is presenting it under RV Cinemas banner and Srinivas Ramireddy, Seshu Maaram Reddy are producing it.

Filming with a unique concept, earlier released character looks of the cast from 'Ari' received immense response.

Pushing the expectations high, a devotional song written by Kasarla Shyam and sung by local sensation Mangli is released as the First Single now.

Anoop Rubens has scored music for it while the President of First Hare Krishna Golden Temple Sri Satya Gourav Chandradas has launched this 'Krishna Tatvam' song today.

On the occasion, Actor Sai Kumar said "I'm happy to watch this beautiful song being launched by Guruvu garu at holy Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. Mangli has outdone herself with this song written by Kasarla Shyam. Mangli's voice is divine & her devotional songs are chartbusters. Director Jaya Shankar has come up with a unique concept based on Arishadvargas and I wish this movie makes good money for makers. I've played a very good good character in the movie, hope the audiences like it"

Lyricist Kasarla Shyam says "We've got an opportunity to explain the mightiness of Krishna with few words in a song. I felt it as a blessing from Krishna himself. Launching this song in the divine presence of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is like a boon to me. We see the reflection of kids in Krishna and seek more of him from Bhagavadgita. I feel no one's beyond Krishna in Management. Anoop Rubens has scored this song beautifully and Mangli added soul into it with her voice. I thank my director, producer and ISKCON temple management for the opportunity. I hope everyone will like it"

Producer Seshu Maram Reddy says "Kasarla Shyam has written it very well and Mangli's voice made it more divine. Anoop Rubens music perfectly fit into the situation and the song is already a chartbuster. Also, you'll love the Concept, Dialogues & Screenplay well written and executed by Jayashankar"

Production Designer Rajeev Nair says "The tune and song are very good. I've worked for Sai Kumar garu's Prasthanam and I've been travelling with director Jayashankar since his first film. I like the way Jayashankar narrates the script. I can assure y'all that we're going to give audiences a very good film.

Actor, Anchor Anjali says "Kasarla Shyam has written a very good song and Mangli has sung it beautifully. I'm glad to be part of this film and launch event. I thank my director, producer and ISKCON temple management for the opportunity. I'm confident about movie's success"

Harekrishna Golden Temple President Sri Satya Gaurav Chandra Das said "As per the temple policies we won't involve in the event after receiving the request from your end but the song seemed very beautiful and divine. I felt every devotee would feel the essence of Krishna's mightiness through it and thus accepted it as a Krishna's deed. I've been away from films for almost 25 years. Movie's title and concept is impressive. Interestingly, all the team members are Krishna's devotees. I wish everyone watches the film and make it successful.

 Director Jayashankar says "I thank the ISKCON temple management for giving us the opportunity to launch the song in the temple. I went to Kasarla Shyam garu in requirement of a song that depicts philosophy of Krishna. He gave the song in just one week, Mangli's voice and Anoop Rubens tune made it phenomenal. In the thought of taking it into public divinely my mom suggested to approach ISKCON. I've requested them and finally we were able to reach Satya Gaurav garu. I feel all this is Krishna's blessing on us and our movie. We expressed his great philosophy through this song and I hope ya'll like it. I thank my producers for supporting a unique content like this and I thank Sai Kumar garu for standing with us in the journey"


Anasuya Bharatdwaj


Srikanth Ayyangar

Viva Harsha 

Srinivas Reddy 

Chanmmak Chandra 

Subhaleka SudhakarSS

Surabhi Prabhavathi 

Gemini Suresh 

Idream Anjali 

Manika Chikkala



Pravallika Chukkala 

Surabhi Vijay


Written & Directed by Jayashankar

Presented by RV Reddy

Producers: Srinivas Ramireddy, Seshu Maram Reddy

Music: Anoop Rubens

Editor: G. Avinash

Lyrics: Kasarla Shyam, Vanamali

Choreography: Bhany, Jeethu

Production Designer: Rajeev Nair

Stylist: Srija Reddy Chittipolu

Cinematographer: Shivashankara Varaprasad

PRO: GSK Media

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