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Scientific mystery thriller 'Karala' pre-release event held

 Scientific mystery thriller 'Karala' pre-release event held

'Karala' is produced by HM Movie Makers. Ravi Shankar, Jadi Akash, Syed Irfan, Sumeeta Bajaj, Sahar Afsha and Veeru are playing lead roles in it. It is directed by HM Srinandan. Bodasu Narasimha is producing the movie, which is ready to be released in theatres. In Kannada, it is going to be released as 'Beega'. The film's trailer was released today in the presence of the media. The event was graced by guests such as producer Prasanna Kumar, T Ramasatyanarayana, Ratnavali Kothapalli, Sri Hari, Dhanunjay, Gaddam Srinivas Reddy, Gajvel Narasimha and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana said, "If you encourage a good film, the cinema industry itself will flourish. We are glad to announce that Bapiraju garu of Sri Lakshmi Pictures is going to release 'Karala'. The release is going to be grand. Movies from Kannada have been hits in recent times. I wish this Telugu-Kannada release all the best."

Prasanna Kumar said, "Director Srinandan is a protege of director Sagar. 'Karala' will be released in Telugu and Kannada in a big way. When Ravi Shankar is a hero, the grandeur only goes up. I wish this film all the best."

'Jabardasth' actor Naveen said, "I played a nice role in this movie. And this is also my Sandalwood debut. My character has come out really well. The trailer is so good. We are confident of scoring a hit."

Producer Bodasu Narasimha said, "I thank my friends Srihari, Dhanunjay, Gaddam Srinivas Reddy, Gajvel Narasimha for being here. I am not a traditional film industry person. When director Srinandan narrated the story of 'Karala', I liked it instantly. I readily offered to produce it. My friend Pitla Bhaskar has been of great support as a co-producer. The film has shaped up so amazingly. Everyone is going to like it in Telugu and Kannada."

Co-producer Pitla Bhaskar said, "The film is so good. I am happy to have been its co-producer. I have watched the movie and it is suspenseful throughout. Everyone is going to like it."

Music director Sri Guru said, "There are three songs in total in the movie. They will all be refreshing. Musically and subject-wise, everyone is going to love our movie."

Actor Jadi Akash said, "I thank the producer and director for this opportunity. 'Karala' has got a different story. It's a romantic science mystery. The shooting experience was awesome. We are planning to release the movie soon. This is my Tollywood debut.I need everyone's blessings."

Director Srinandan said, "My movie is a scientific mystery film with interesting twists and awesome music, besides amazing action. As 'Beega', it will be released in Kannada on March 3. The Telugu version's release date will be announced soon. The output is so good."

Title: Karala

Banner: HM Movie Makers

Cast: Ravi Shankar, Jadi Akash, Syed Irfan,Sahar Afsha, HM Srinandan, Sumeeta Bajaj, Suchendra Prasad, Suman Shetty, Naveen Jabbardast, and Maharshi.

Producer: Bodasu Narasimha

Director: HM Srinandan

Music Director: Sri Guru

Background Score: Sunil Kashyap

Cinematography: MB Allikatte & Vinas Nagaraj Murthy

Fights: Thriller Manju, Ultimate Shiva

Choreographer: Hari Krishna

Editor: Venkey UDV

Dialogues: Jamadagni Maharshi

Lyrics: HM Srinandan, Suresh Gangula

Signers: Arun Koundanya, Ritesh, Brunda, Bhargavi Pillai

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