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Ram Charan is an evolved individual His global fame is extremely gladdening: Naga Babu at birthday event

 Ram Charan is an evolved individual His global fame is extremely gladdening: Naga Babu at birthday event

The birthday celebrations of Mega Power Star Ram Charan, who has been called the Global Star, were held on Sunday (March 26) in Hyderabad. The audience see him as a son who is taking forward the legacy of his legendary father and 'Babai'. The event at Shilpa Kala Vedika saw in attendance directors Meher Ramesh, Bobby, Buchi Babu Sana, producers Dil Raju and Naveen Yerneni of Mythri Movie Makers, actor Sai Dharam Tej and choreographer Prem Rakshith. Naga Babu attended the event as the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Naga Babu said that Ram Charan is the first son of five brothers and sisters in the Mega family. "Although he is my elder brother's son, he is like a son to me, to Pawan Kalyan, and my sisters too. Our children see Ram Charan as an elderly figure. If they have any problems, they all go to him first to receive suggestions and advice. Ram Charan has now become a fully evolved person. That's what I like about him. He used to be a bit angry and short-tempered. But now he has become very mature. We are very proud of 'RRR' movie, the Oscar-winning 'Naatu Naatu' song, and to see Ram Charan's image on the Oscars stage. The movie 'Orange' has been re-released on his birthday. I want to donate the collections from it to the Jana Sena Party. I am consciously helping the leader who gave his life to the people with the intention of doing something transformative. When 'Orange' was released originally, I suffered on the financial front. But now, everyone is saying that the movie is so good. It has been running successfully for two days. If the same movie was made now, it would have become a hit for sure," Naga Babu said. As he ended the speech, he asked the crowds to participate in the election process, cast vote, and make others vote.

Dil Raju said that Ram Charan has now risen to the global level. He added that 'Game Changer' has been planned by Shankar on a global scale. "How to satisfy fans and audience is what is our priority. Shankar is preparing a wonderful movie to satisfy the high range," the producer added.

Naveen Yerneni said, "Ram Charan gave his best performance in 'Rangasthalam'. Thanks to him for making such a film under our banner. I want him to celebrate many more birthdays like this."

Sai Dharam Tej greeted the Mega Power Star a happy birthday on behalf of his fans. "Ram Charan has now gone global. His range has changed with 'RRR' movie. I want to see more successes of that sort from him," he added.

Meher Ramesh said, "I saw the preview of the movie 'Chirutha' with Mahesh Babu and NTR. Everyone said that Charan will become a big star and that he is not just about inheriting the legacy of Chiranjeevi garu's dance and action. There is a unique energy in him, everyone felt. When Chiranjeevi garu was in politics, Charan came up with 'Magadheera'. He will also do a Hollywood project. Ram Charan is doing many service-oriented works with his father. For Mega fans, there are three festivals: Chiranjeevi garu's birthday, Pawan Kalyan garu's birthday, and Ram Charan's birthday."

Director Bobby said, "Being the son of someone like Chiranjeevi garu, being a family member of someone like Pawan Kalyan garu is both a fortune and also something that brings pressure in its wake. You have to satisfy fans who expect Megastar's grace and dance moves from you. You have to live up to the legacy of Babai's fighting spirit and the propensity to question injustice. During the making of 'Sardar Gabbar Singh', it was Ram Charan who used to relieve his Babai from work pressure by turning up instantly before him and cracking jokes. He would make Kalyan garu laugh. Mega fans are so proud of Ram Charan."

Buchi Babu Sana said, "I have been watching Ram Charan sir since I was an assistant director. I will express my love for him through my film with him."

Actor Abhi said, "I asked my friends in the North what they liked about RRR. They answered that they saw Rama in Ram Charan's character. Rama appeared to them instead of the Alluri. After Pawanism, it is now Charanism."

Hyper Aadi said that Ram Charan knows how to encourage people much like his father and to help everyone the way Pawan Kalyan is known for. He heaped praises on the Chiranjeevi legacy by saying that records took birth because of him. "No matter how many heroes come and how many hits are made, Chiranjeevi garu is the pioneer," the comedian said, adding that Kollywood actor Ponnabalam was given help to the tune of Rs 40 lakh by the Megastar. He also described Pawan Kalyan as a leader who mobilizes people for change.

Choreographer Prem Rakshith said, "Our journey started with the song 'Bangaru Kodipetta' in 'Magadheera'. And it continues to this day. Ram Charan garu is very good and takes care of everyone very well."

Rahul Sipliganj said that he will never forget the experience of performing on the stage at the Oscar event.

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