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Keerthy Suresh about Vennela In Dasara

 Vennela In Dasara Is A Character Everyone Will Connect To. It Is The Most Challenging In My Career: Keerthy Suresh

Natural Star Nani's Massiest Pan India Entertainer 'Dasara' is one of the most awaited films across the country. Directed by Srikanth Odela, the film has received tremendous response to the teaser and songs. The Dussehra trailer trended nationally and increased curiosity about the film. Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri on a grand scale under the banner of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas, the movie has Keerthy Suresh in the lead role. This film will be released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages on March 30th. In this context, Keerthy Suresh shared the special features of Dasara with media.

Tell us about your character in the film.

I played a challenging role in Dasara. It used to take a few hours even for applying and removing make-up. We shot in a rustic background like dust and coal. It was initially difficult yo play a character who speaks Telangana dialect. But I got used to it after a while. My character's name is Vennela. The character Vennela connects to everyone.

How is it talking in Telangana dialect?

Director Srikanth Odela's associate Srinath taught me the Telangana dialect. He is well versed with the accent. There is also a professor who helped me. A lot of small details have also been added. I dubbed myself for Dasara. Usually, I take two or three days for dubbing. But Dasara took five or six days.

You said you got Mahanati vibes while doing Dasara. How did that happen?

There is a feel associated with some films. Even after finishing the movie, we feel an emotional connection with it. It happened for Mahanati previously and now I felt the same for Dasara. 

What is the Homework you did for Dasara?

Director Srikanth Odela has written this story brilliantly. He has a lot of clarity about what character should be. The director thinks the character and the story in one meter. After understanding that meter, I think of how do I want to do it and What does the director want. We understand that and worked on how to build the character.

Did you decrease weight for the film?

Srikanth asked me to decrease 12 Kilos for the film. I told him I can not do that because I am doing other films as well and I will continuity in them. I decreased three Kilos. I reminded him about it later and he said you look authentic even though you did not decrease weight. I took that as a compliment.

Did you anticipate the success of Chamkeela Angeelesi song?

When I heard that song for the first time, I thought that the song will be used in all weddings. The song has that vibe. The lyrics are very beautiful. We thought it would be a big hit. It was a bigger success than we expected.

After Mahanati, there were reports that you will be doing Bollywood projects. But you didn't go. Dasara will now release Pan-India right? Tell us about it.


I heard some stories. But it didn't seem like a strong character. Now that Dasara is releasing pan India, we have to see if I will get strong characters. I like doing Bollywood. But first there should be good characters and stories.

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