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Hero Surya Vashistta Interview About Butta Bomma

 I am passionate about acting and movies. I have added a lot of freshness to my character in Butta Bomma: Surya Vashistta

Butta Bomma is gearing up for its grand release on February 04, 2023. The movie is produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas. With Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashistta and Arjun Das in the lead roles, debutant director Shourie Chandrasekhar T Ramesh carved it to perfection. The music is composed by Gopi Sunder and Sweekar Agasthi. This romantic thriller set in a village backdrop with interesting characters will be a perfect entertainer this weekend. 

Here are the excerpts from Surya Vashistta’s interaction with media. 

On the Journey into movies

I completed my Master’s in Computer Science in the USA and worked as Software developer for 5 years. I still teach as a professor at a college in Hyderabad. My father Sathyam worked as a co-director in the industry for 30 years. He worked with K Raghavendra Rao, S S Rajamouli, and Trivikram. Sadly, he passed away few years back due to Covid. He always wanted to see me as an actor. When I was working in the USA, he called me to India and said this is the time to venture into acting. Our family was watching a Malayalam film and my father said you could portray characters like these, and they suit you a lot. After he passed away, a year later, I met Trivikram and he suggested me to attend an audition at Sithara Entertainment and I am lucky to have this role in Butta Bomma. I am happy that my father’s last wish came true in this form. 

On late entry into movies

My dad wanted me to gain some international exposure before I take up movies. So, he sent me to the US for studies and employment. I stayed there for 5 years before returning to our country. 

On the interest in cinema

My dad earned a great respect in the movie industry and suggested me to become an actor. I had interest in movies in early days and acting became my passion. Now I am living my father’s dream. 

What excited you to be a part of Butta Bomma?

In the Malayalam original, I liked the rawness and was excited for that. I am happy that I got this film and portraying a wonderful role in the film. I always wanted to do fresh roles and this movie, especially in the first half, I get to add some novelty to the character. 

On working with co-stars

Off screen it was really fun working with them. Anika is a sweetheart. She doesn’t know Telugu and I helped her a bit to get her lines. Arjun is already a big star and got many fans for his voice. He was part of many action films and gave me some valuable suggestions during shoots. 

On challenges faced during the shoot

Director Ramesh is very particular in getting the best out of the stars. With so many takes for one scene, the process became mechanical after a point. But somehow, I managed to retain the freshness. That was like a tough act for me. During the action in the climax I got hurt a lot and was admitted in a hospital. It took a month to recover and get back to shoot. These are some challenges faced while shooting for Butta Bomma. 

On the applause received

My director told me before the shoot the no one must realise that I am a newcomer. I took those words and worked really hard for the film. When the producers and director watched the final copy, they applauded me for the efforts. They felt as if watching an experience actor. 

On future projects

I like movies that are close to reality and want to act in such movies. Any movie that engages the audience along with a message works for me. After the teaser of Butta Bomma was out, some new directors approached me with scripts. I will hear more scripts and take a decision after the release of Butta Bomma. 

Who are you favourite directors?

In Telugu, I have observed S S Rajamouli and Trivikram closely. I won’t leave any opportunity to work with them. 

What’s your favourite genre?


I feel I am more set for thrillers and romance with my experience of working for Butta Bomma. I am also not restricting myself to hero roles and I am open to any role.

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