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Actress Samyuktha Interview About Sir

 'Sir' is a wholesome entertainer, and I did a meaningful role that’s charming and entertaining: Samyuktha

Sir is gearing up for its release on February 17, 2023. The movie is produced by Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas and presented by Srikara Studios. With Dhanush, Samyuktha, Samuthirakani in the lead roles, director Venky Atluri carved it to perfection. The trailer releases recently got a good applause for its storyline, action, comedy, pulsating music and razor-sharp dialogue.

Here are the excerpts from Samyuktha’s interaction with media

Journey into movies

My first movie started while I was on vacation. I hail from a village in Kerala and during my first film I never believed I would make a cut in films. Then went back to studies, and somehow destiny got me here. When I did one movie with full attention then I fell in love with cinema. I consider cinema to be divine and spiritual. When things happen by luck then we don’t find difficulties. I had my best phase when I started movies in Telugu. 

How Sir happened?

When I signed for Bimbisara and Virupaksha, I got a call from Bheemla Nayak team. I loved the changes they made to the original character. After signing for Bheemla Nayak, I met Venky Atluri and he narrated the story of Sir. Then I realized this a great film and I should not miss. I did a look test and I got finalised. 

On preparing for a character

It purely depends on the character. For some, I want to be spontaneous. Then only the best acting happens. For a few roles, we have to prepare a lot. I went around a few villages in Andhra and Telugu to understand more about characters and their behaviors. I talk to director and writer to get more understanding of the character. For my teacher role in Sir, I visited schools to see how the teachers look, dress and talk. So, people can relate to my character.


On working with Dhanush

I have been watching Dhanush’s movies since a long time. He is an actor and a star. He is working in all languages and in international films. It’s a really good experience working with him. Dhanush is very quick and fast. When I was stressed with dialogues in two languages, he gave me motivation and I became stress free. Dhanush is spontaneous. He is subtle performer and knows how to be optimal with the acting. 

On working with big stars

I majorly focus on the story and characters. In the current scenario, it’s exciting to get love from all the fans of big stars as I am working with them. It happened with Bheemla Nayak, and other films. 

Why do you consider acting to be divine?

If we have to act, then we have to be truly in the moment. I must shut myself from external happenings when I am in the character. It’s not easy to achieve this state. Only a few times, I got into a true or pure moment. We must be completely into the film. The same can be achieved by meditation and I get there through my acting in films. 

On learning Telugu and experiences in Sir

I learn Telugu as I felt it’s the need of the hour. When you are on sets, a lot of people talk in Telugu and it’s better to speak in their language. That made be learn Telugu and dub in the language. You have to be a good listener and stick to the brief given by the director. In a scene, we have to listen to other actors, and I picked most of the Telugu lines by being an active listener. 

On importance of character

In huge films, female leads are seen playing a short role. But in Sir, the female lead has much more to do. I am not just limited to romance part but also connected with the main plot in a big way. 

Is Sir majorly focused on education?

Sir is a wholesome entertainer. We want the audience to feel for education and the reforms. The audience will connect with all the characters and scenes. 

On Hyper Aadi calling Lady Superstar

It’s good to know he believes that. I want love and support from the audience. I want to be with them. I am not concerned with the titles and other things. 

On working with Venky Atluri

Venky moulded me to extract the right emotions. He is clear in what he wants, so it’s fun to work with him. 

On Dubbing for Sir

I couldn’t dub for this film as I was stuck with many projects. That’s very unfortunate. 

Opinion on Love and marriage

Love is the basis of everything. Greek, Roman literature and everything is about love. I truly believe that it’s the crux of everything. Love is not all about finding a romantic partner. There was a time when marriage is a necessity. Now it’s not. Women can be financially and emotionally independent. There’s no rush to love and marriage. 

On removal of surname Menon from the name

I asked everyone not to use my surname. I don’t believe in someone identifying me with a caste. I feel it to be a separation. I speak humanity and want to be progressive. I don’t want to project that I belong to a privileged section.

On emotionally touching moments during the shoot

In the climax of the film, there were two sequences when I felt emotionally charged. Sometimes, the emotional scenes take a toll on our lives. 

On being compared with Samantha

Even a few people said that I look like Samantha. But, I would be happy If someone says I act like Samantha.

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