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Shiva Kandukuri's "Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana" terrifying teaser out now

 Shiva Kandukuri's "Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana" terrifying teaser out now

Introducing Purushottam Raj as a director, Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana is a film produced by Snehal Jangala, Shasidhar Kashi, and Karthik Mudumbai jointly under the banners of Million Dreams Creations and Vijay Saraga Productions without compromising on the production values.

From the first look of the film to the recently released motion poster, the producers have inserted the concept of the film and presented it in a unique manner. Every promotional material related to this film impresses the audience. The makers have decided to release the film on March 31, 2023. So, makers kickstarted the promotions with a thrilling teaser.

The teaser starts with a terrifying bgm and then questions police and the audience about 16 murders with no heads. The police begin an investigation and come up with no leads. Then our private detective Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana begins his investigation. During the process, what he discovered will astound the audience, and the teaser raises many other intriguing questions. Who murdered them? Are there any superstitions behind their murders? How will Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana solve this?

The film appears to have mythological connotations. The teaser's main highlights are the Sri Charan Pakala bgm and the rich visuals. Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana, which releases worldwide in theatres on March 31, is expected to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Raj Purushottam is directing this film. Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana is a thrilling entertainment film. Presently the post-production is going on at a fast pace. Important characters include Arun, Devi Prasad, Varshini, Siva Kumar, Shafi, Shivanarayana, Kalpalatha, Roopa Lakshmi, and Ambati Sreenu.


Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Arun, Deviprasad, Varshini, Sivakumar, Shafi, Sivannarayana, Kalpalatha, Rupalakshmi, Ambati Srinu, Chaitanya, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Pranavi, Divija, Prabhakar, Kamal, Gururaj and others.


Written-Directed by: Purushottam Raj

Producers: Snehal Jangala, Shasidhar Kashi, Karthik Mudumbai

Music: Sricharan Pakala, Vijay Bulganin

Director of Photography: Gautham G

Editor: Gary BH

Production Designer: Roshan Kumar

Costume Designers: Ashwanth, Pratibha

Stunts: Anjibabu

PRO: Eluru Sreenu, Meghashyam

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