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Ginna is going to be a hilarious entertainer : Vishnu Manchu

Ginna is going to be a hilarious entertainer : Vishnu Manchu

Ginna is an upcoming movie in which Vishnu Manchu acted in the titular role. The movie is all set to release in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam languages. The movie is being jointly bankrolled by Abha Entertainment and 24 Frames. The movie that is coming under the direction of Ishan Surya has got star writer Kona Venkat on board. The film has Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone in the lead roles.

Ahead of its grand release on the occasion of Diwali on October 21st, Vishnu Manchu has interacted with the media. Here are the excerpts:

Q: Dr Mohan Babu garu has compared the movie with Dhee, what do you say?

A: So far we have conducted two preview shows and all of them have enjoyed the movie. While we were doing the Dhee movie back then, we were enjoying all the while on the set and it has become a cult movie after its release. But we are still not sure, if this movie would be a success in the range of Dhee. Meanwhile, Ginna movie is going to have an amazing interval bang which will leave everyone in shock, whereas in Dhee, such interval is not there. That is the only difference for both these movies. And, though I am the hero of the movie, I have liked Chammak Chandra and Vennala Kishore roles and the second half has been hilarious. Generally in preview theatres, people won't laugh much, but my mother and my mother- in-law have also been laughing thoroughly and enjoyed. It is with the same confidence we have been promoting Ginna.

Q: Can we say action comedy genre has become a sentiment for you?

A: I am also happy, if that sentiment works out, generally action comedy entertainers have been lucky for me. All my hits are from the same genre. Though in the past I have tried others genres, but it turned out to be a mistake and through this Ginna, I am trying to set it right. I am not sure, if in future I am going to stick to this genre or try something else. But, it's a divine intervention, that we got a good story this time.  Whenever we start a movie, we all start with the intention that it's going to be a good film but the rest is not in your hands.

Q: What is the reason behind choosing the title Ginna?

A: In this movie my character's name is G Nageswara Rao, if people call, G Na, it won't look good. So, we put it as Ginna. Ginna's character in the movie takes some money for credit and sets up a tent house shop, but whenever he puts up a tent for a marriage, that wedding would be halted. So, how this person is going to clear his debt, is the story and I liked the concept that's the reason why I have done this movie. Initially some people suggested that there would be some controversy for the title, but as our intention is clear, we went ahead with it.

Q: Putting Ginna title on the Tirumala hills has become one of the main controversies?

A: In the present day scenario, whatever I say or I do not say has become controversial. Everybody has their own opinions. Some predetermined notion of how  girls and boys should behave and they should earn this much, but all these are old customs. My wife Vinni earns more than me and I am proud of it. Controversies are famous these days. So, that is a reason why, we have put this title we will face whatever it may come.

Q: Any preparation for your character?

A: I have asked the same question to my father once and I was shocked with his answer. I asked him, whether there was any preparation for Peddarayudu or Ramanna Chowdary roles? He said " They will give you a character and tell you about it, we have to do it, that's it." And I was shocked by his reply. Coming to Ginna's role I had to speak in Chittoor dialect for which I had to work hard.

Q: Yours and G Nageswara Reddy are a very good combination but why have you chosen Surya as director for the film?

A: In fact the main story belongs to G Nageswara Reddy but Kona Venkat Garu has written the full story for the film. Since G Nageswara Reddy was busy with  other films, we have done it with Srinu Vaitla's assistant Surya as director.

Kona Venkat has in fact, locked dates with Sunny Leone and approached me. We were also skeptical about Sunny Leone's popularity in Telugu States. But after consulting a media friend we have gone ahead with Sunny Leone and my father has also said that the story is good so we went with it.

Q: Is Ginna a horror or thriller movie?

A: This thing let's know after watching the movie in the theatre (with laughs).

Q: What is the importance of Kona Venkat garu in this project?

A: Kona Venkat garu used to contribute to this project everyday. He used to be on the sets. And, whenever we had a dialogue version, he used to be with us guiding. We are very thankful to him and also I also wanted to work with cinematographer Chota K Naidu garu for a long time. Now it has been materialised.

Q: What is your opinion on the social media videos that you have done with Sunny Leone?

A:  If one wants to stay connected with the audience, then social media is the best option, but we also have to be ready for criticism. While Twitter is more political, Instagram has been better. And Sunny Leone is one of the top women with more followers on Insta, she has about 53 million followers and on the other hand, I have only one million followers. I want to amp up my game on insta and she helped me with that.

Q: What are the challenges that you faced with Ginna?

A: Learning the dialect for the movie has been the difficult part. But character wise, my character in this movie is also similar to my original character outside. There is not much difference, when my children watch this movie,they don't find any difference, because whatever I am outside has been the same in the movie as well. Action comedy has been my favourite Genre.

Q: There is already an announcement regarding D2, is there any update on that?

A: Srinu Vaitla garu and I am doing D2. We are working on it. The movie will be on the sets in January or February, it will start then.

Q: How was your experience with the Anup Rubens music and working with him?

A: This is going to be the best album in my career and a lifetime memory because my children have sung a song in this movie. We were in a dilemma, what if the song is not good, but those two are trained singers, they have sung it very well and everybody is impressed by them.

Q:  Whose idea was it to make your daughter sing?

A: Ginna is a story about four friends, so in this movie there is also a childhood track. Anup said that we need to have a song with child singers. I suggested that if it's a female voice, then we can make Ariana and Viviana sing. Anup was sceptical till the last minute, but once he listened to their voice, he was happy. Both, their voices are very distinct and they would like to become singers. And my son goes on to the stage and dances, so whatever my children are interested in, I will back them.

Q: On one side as a hero and on the other as a MAA president, how are you managing?

A:  Everybody in my MAA team are supportive. I don't know how they are as EC members, but this time they are really good and they are taking care of everything. Even if we come to know that an artist is not feeling well, Madhala Ravi will lead the team by being in the front four and take care of it. The MAA team is supporting me a lot, which is the reason why I am able to do all these things.

Q: You have given two options for maa building, did this thing have been taken to the notice of the film chamber?

A: Yes, they said okay, initially I have discussed this issue with Seshagiri Rao and have asked him whether I can announce it.  Only after that I have informed everyone.

Q: You have been doing well as MAA president, then why do you say that you won't contest again?

A: There might be a better president in future also right? They have given me a job as president and it will be finished. If at all, again, the industry heads command me to do, then I'll take it up, and if it's unanimous, it's even better. Film industry is like a joint family, we are okay with whoever the family choses.

Q: Will there be a competition between both the heroines in the movie?

A: Yes, the track between both of them has been amazing, if you watch the movie you will be able to understand.

Q: What's your thoughts on giving a full length role for Sunny Leone?

A: I was also afraid. Initially I sent a message to Sunny and I asked her to save it. After the Ginna release, Sunny Leone's career as an actor is going to be changed, if this is not going to be true then she wont believe it, but still I was so confident. With the intention of taking my mother, children and my family to the movie and making them laugh, I have done this movie.

Q: How is your experience of touring different states as a part of this film's promotion?

A: Initially I would like to apologise to my father's fans as I couldn't do the films according to their expectations. And further they have given me several chances.  This tour has given me a chance to interact with my father's fans and fulfilled my aim of interacting with them.

Q: Have you bought remake rights to several films?

A: Yes. Under our production house these films will be made with different heroes. Further more details will be revealed during the end of November.

Q: Do you think there are no stories in Telugu?

A: No. My aim of buying remake rights is to tell good stories wherever they are from and expose the Telugu audience to those good movies. I have bought the remake rights of Android Kunjappan and making it with my father Mohan Babu in the lead role. We are making changes according to the nativity of Telugu audience without losing the soul of the movie.

Q: Prabhu Deva made you sweat a lot?

A: Yes, not only him, everyone involved in the film made me sweat. Especially Prem Rakshit master. This film's songs will be my best songs and dance performance in my career. All the film viewers will agree that my dance performance are the best.

Q: Will you be doing all your movies in action comedies in future?

A: Yes as of now I am in the same thought I want to do more movies in this Genre.

Q: How was your experience with director Surya?

A: I am so happy working with him, he is a person with a lot of commitment. I don't know how much a big hit this movie is going to be, but as a human being his really nice person

Q: Anything about your future projects?

A: Movie with Srinu Vaitla Garu is definitely going to happen. And one more crazy project. Have been travelling with a director for the last 15 to 18 years. It is also going to be a different genre but there will be comedy in it, in case that is confirmed, I'll announce it. I have been eagerly waiting for that project. And Srinu Vaitla Garu's project is also going to be hilarious.

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