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Exciting Webseries 'Tamil Rockerz' to stream on SonyLIV from Aug 19th.

 Exciting Webseries 'Tamil Rockerz' to stream on SonyLIV from Aug 19th.

We're familiar with Piracy Site 'Tamil Rockerz' that's been uploading

movies within an hour of release. Featuring the insights of how their

network actually works, prestigious production house made this

webseries on the same name 'Tamil Rockerz'.

Starring Arun Vijay, Vani Bhojan as the leads in Aruna's production,

Arivazhagan had directed it under AVM productions. SonyLIV is all set

to stream it from 19th Aug.

As part of the press meet commenced in Hyderabad, movie team said..

Director Arivazhagan said, "Tamil Rockerz hasn't become a danger just

for South movies but also Bollywood. We tried to unveil the working

structure of their network in our webseries like how they film, upload

and change their website address. What are they expecting from

maintaining these websites? And many other questions were answered.

Arun Vijay & Vani Bhojan played the key roles in the investigation

process that reveals the secrets"

Hero Arun Vijay said, "I've worked with Director Arivazhagan in 2

films earlier Eeram & Kutram 23. I'm also working with him in BORDER.

He always comes up with unique concepts. We've heard about Tamil

Rockerz. Through this series, we tried to bring the gang's activities

to light. You all know how tough it is to make a film. All that

hardwork goes vain with the exploitation of this piracy. Seizing their

activities is one major task besides that we should not let audience

watch the movies in piracy. That's how we put an end to their network"

Producer Aruna Guha said, "We made many movies in various indian

languages under our AVM productions. For the first time we ventured

into a webseries. Both OTT & Cinema are important to us. It's

important to evolve with the time and culture around. And so I think

we've spread our film production boundaries with this webseries. If

audience stop watching, these piracy websites go down. We can even

block such apps. We've made this webseries fictionally based on true


Heroine Vani Bhojan said "I've played Sandhya in this webseries. I've

acted just the way director wanted me to play. My character's

makeover, look and everything about was entirely done as per my

director choice. This webseries will give you an exciting

investigation thriller feels for sure"

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