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‘The Warriorr’ pre release event became Grand Success

 With all the Magnanimous Personalities on the Stage for Ram Pothineni’s and N Lingusamy’s ‘The Warriorr’ pre release event became Grand Success

Filmmaker N Lingusamy’s bilingual movie ‘Warriorr’, produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi of Srinivasaa Silver Screen, featuring Ram Pothineni and Kriti Shetty is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release on July 14, 2022. Marking this occasion, the pre-release event was held in Chennai, which had the presence of the reigning directors, technicians and actors from the movie industry. 

Director Vasantha Balan said, “I am glad to see the Lingusamy universe here as he has managed to bring almost all the leading filmmakers for this occasion, which isn’t possible at an ease. Lingusamy is such a good-hearted person, and he is the real warrior. Ram was supposed to make his Tamil debut with the movie ‘Kadhal’, which didn’t happen that time. I am happy to see now in Tamil cinema. Aadhi is a talented actor, and I have witnessed his outstanding performance while working with him in Aravan. Lingusamy and his entire team is going to witness great success with this movie.” 

Director Balaji Sakthivel said, “Lingusamy was initially supposed to make a love story, but it didn’t happen due to some reasons. Later, he narrated this story to me, and it was such a clear and distinct script that didn’t need a single change or improvisation. I instantly asked to go with it, and I can assure you all that Warriorr is going to be a tremendous and successful movie. I was supposed to introduce Ram through Kadhal after watching his short film, but Lingusamy has become the instrument of bringing him here.” 

Director Mani Ratnam said, “Lingusamy is the nerve center for me. He has been the only connecting point for all the directors, especially during the Lockdown time. I am really surprised to see all the warriors here on the single stage. (In a jocular statement he referred his upcoming movie Ponniyin Selvan saying), If I knew earlier that there are so many warriors here, I would shot the war scenes here instead of filming them in Hyderabad. Lingusamy was shooting for the Warriorr at the same place in Hyderabad, where I was shooting Ponniyin Selvan, and he has now completed the movie, and is getting ready for release, while we are still slowing proceeding. I wish grand success to the entire team of Warriorr.” 

Director Siva said, “Lingusamy is such a good-hearted person, and I was stunned looking at his helping gesture during the times, when COVID-19 was at the peak. From getting admission in hospital to the keeping around his 60 office staffs financially safe during that period, left all of us around him awe-stricken. This is the reason; he has been garlanded with so much love today here. Everyone calls Ram Pothineni as RAPO in Andhra, but I call him Rambo. I have told him that one day, he will do one such movie, and asked him to register the title as well. Krithi Shetty glitter on the screens, and she has made an amazing appearance in this movie. This movie is going to be a tremendous success, and will be a great breakthrough for everyone in the team.” 

Director Bharathiraja said, “Director Lingusamy is such a romantic person, and this is the reason why he is able to convey so many things creatively. Ram has done a fabulous job in this movie. Krithi Shetty has all the features and qualities to remain as a reigning actress in the industry for years to come. Lingusamy has good family, friends and fans around him, which will push him ahead to make greater achievements in the years to come.” 

Director RK Selvamani said, “I can assure you all that the Warriorr is going to be a great breakthrough for Ram Pothineni as he makes his debut in Tamil cinema, which is going to be a tremendous spell for him. Tamil Nadu audiences are going to spread out the red carpet for him after the film’s release. Director Lingusamy is going to make a big time in the Telugu movie industry after this film’s release. When Brindha Sarathy narrated the script, I could realize that every single shot had something to do with the pulse of audiences. Lingusamy is the greatest and friendly financier in Tamil industry, and he is there to help everyone. This is the main reason why there are so many filmmakers like Mani Ratnam, Shankar, and others are here. I wish the great success for the entire team of the Warrior.” 

Producer Anbu Chezhian said, “I have shared a great journey with Lingusamy from the days of Paiyya. When he played the songs for me at my office, I judged that it is going to be a great hit. Apparently, I am sure that Warriorr is going to be a blockbuster hit. I request Lingusamy to make more movies, and I would like to release them. Ram and Krithi are great actors, and their arrival in Kollywood is going to be a great sensation. DSP is a hot sensation for his music, and this movie is going to bring yet another success for him.” 

Actor Vishal said, “I have known Lingusamy from his days of being assistant director. He is such a wonderful person, and has been a major reason for the breakthrough in my career. I have always desired to see him as a successful person in the industry. He is surely going to make a tremendous comeback with this movie. I am feeling jealous about Ram, because he has become a part of one such movie, which is going to establish Lingusamy as a crouching tiger. He has gone through a lot of sufferings and distress. I can clearly sense his mindset now, and how tremendous the Warrior movie is going to be. Today, South Indian cinema has started creating huge sensation that the entire Bollywood is in shock about our growth. This is mainly because of the collaboration among us, which is getting huge response.” 

Director Shankar said, “The title ‘Warriorr’ itself is amazing as everyone can relate to it. While watching Ram  in this trailer, I could feel the essence of actor Vikram in him. I am eager to watch this movie. Krithi Shetty had done a fabulous job in her Uppenna, and I wish her to work in more movies and get National award like Keerthy Suresh. The trailer itself has encompassed the family sentiments as in Anandham, raciness in Run and hero-villain combat in Sandakozhi. The combination of these three movies together is going to be here with Warriorr. Lingusamy is a great poet, and he admires everything. He is such a good-hearted person, and he will definitely fetch success with this movie.” 

Director Karthick Subbaraj said, “I have always admired Lingusamy sir movies as a great fan during the college days. The mass scenes like Bus and Lift scene from Run are still running through my veins, which never stop exciting me. I can clearly see that a blockbuster movie is on the way. 

Director Vijay Milton said, “I had seen Ram sir before many years. After watching his performance in a short film, we wanted him to be a part of our movie, and Shankar sir himself had chosen him. But then, he became a popular star in Tollywood, and it’s great to see him back here. He is a fire on the screen. What everyone told about Lingusamy sir during this event is 100% true. He is someone, who cares for the well being of everyone. The reason why everyone from the industry has gathered here is because of his true and good heart. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.” 

Actor-Director SJ Suryah said, “Director Lingusamy had gone through lots of problems, and had a long break. I strongly believe that God has prepared him to reshape himself, and strike back with the right project at the right time. I have experienced it myself in my own life and career. Ram has got the charm of Kamal Haasan during his Vaazhve Maayam times. Of course, he looks like the younger brother of Silambarasan. Kriti Shetty has become a great star in a short span of time. I visited Mumbai and stayed there for 2-3 months due to some personal works. Whenever I am in Mumbai, I would travel by auto rickshaws, and I was surprised to hear the Pushpa 2 songs in Hindi. I never imagined  that Devi Sri Prasad would scale so much height. The trend of South and North Indian industry has completely declined, and there’s going to be a lot of transformations now. I wish the entire team of Warriorr for the great success.” 

Actor-Director Radhakrishnan Parthiban said, “Like SJ Suryah sir told, this long hiatus for Lingusamy has been a gap for good breakthrough, and his upcoming movie ‘Warriorr’ is going to be a big hit for him. Ram is such a handsome actor and his chemistry with Kriti Shetty has worked out a lot. My movie Iravin Nizhal is getting released during the same weekend with Warriorr. I request everyone to support both these movies and make them successful.” 

Actress Nadhiya said, “This is a special moment for all of us here at the event. I have known Lingusamy sir as a well-established director, but today I see him as a good friend, and that’s the reason, so many have gathered here for him. Ram is such a fabulous actor. Kriti has been such a great help for me on the sets in enlightening me about the social media. Aadhi has done a remarkable job in this movie. I was spellbound watching his changeover on the first day of shooting. I thank producer Srinivas sir for making such a great project. I wish everyone for the grand success of this movie.” 

Actor Aadhi said, “Working in this movie has been a great delighting experience. I thank Lingusamy sir for giving me such a great role to perform like Guru character. I am so glad that the reigning filmmakers are here, and am so happy to be sharing the stage with them now. I thank the entire team for being a great support. I think I should talk a lot during the success meet. The movie is getting released on July 14, 2022. I request everyone to watch the movie in the theaters and support it.” 

Music director Devi Sri Prasad said, “It’s great to see that the entire movie industry has come here for the sake of Lingusamy sir. Both of us were supposed to work together in many projects, and it has finally happened with this movie. He is such a great poet. He is such a wonderful person, who never-ever shares a single negative word about any filmmaker, technician or anyone. He even admires and appreciates even the debut filmmaker with so much generosity. When I initially saw and worked with Ram, I saw him as a romantic hero, and now, it’s a surprise to see him as Ustad Ram. Such a transformation is amazing. Recently, I met Prabhu Deva sir, who said that ‘Bullet’ song has become a tremendous hit everywhere. It’s all because of the wonderful work of Ram and Krithi. We, as a team, had a great time working together on this project. The movie has turned to be powerful. I want to recollect the quote of Alfred Hitchcock – “When a villain is so powerful, the movie becomes powerful”. Yes, the Warrior has become more powerful and that’s because of Aadhi’s outstanding performance.” 

Actress Kriti Shetty said, “I am glad that there are so many greatest filmmakers here to support the movie. I thank Lingusamy sir for making me a part of this movie. I am so happy for Sujith sir, as he is garnering great reviews for his visuals in the trailer. I have so many scenes with Ram and next is Nadhiya madam. I really enjoyed working with Nadhiya mam. Producer Srinivas sir has been a great support, and I am so happy about his lineup of movies. DSP is the USP of all movies so far, and it’s because of his wonderful music, the movie has gained so much intensity. I admire the way Aadhi chooses and nurtures his characterizations. Ram has been already considered as the Warriorr in Telugu industry, and he will be called the same in Tamil after the release of this movie. I thank the fans for spreading positivity and giving me support. Lingusamy is a warrior, who is back in the battle field. I am so elated to see that many have come today to support him. I thank him for giving me an opportunity in this movie.” 

Actor Ram Pothineni said, “I am blessed to have such a wonderful debut in Tamil cinema, which has been my long time dream. I thank everyone for making ‘Bullet’ song, a great success. I thank Devi Sri Prasad for delivering a power-packed album. I am greatly elated to have Aadhi playing a powerful role. I thank Silambarasan brother for crooning the Bullet song. I thank Sivakarthikeyan brother, Suriya sir and other celebrities, who have been sharing their support for this project. Myself and Kriti are so blessed to have such a great debut in Tamil cinema. I thank producer Chitturi sir for making me a part of this movie. Nadhiya mam has been a fabulous part in this movie. I thank all the legends for being here, and I request you all to support this movie.” 

Director Lingusamy said, “I am emotionally gleeful to have so many reigning filmmakers and actors making their presence here. I feel blessed to have gained the favour of so many friends in the industry. I thank Vivega for coming up with wonderful lyrics. Only few films get perfect energy levels among the actors and the technicians. I am so excited that the energy levels of mine, Ram sir and DSP sir have been great for this movie. Working with Nadhiya madam has been a long time dream, and it has happened with the right project now. Kriti Shetty has the shades of Meera Jasmine, and she is sure to rule the industry. Initially, we had some difference of opinion, but then, we have become family friends. Aadhi sir has done a remarkable job in this movie, and he is the best villain in my movies, I have made so far. I can assure you all that he will be winning more awards for ‘Best Villain Category’ next year. I am so blessed to have a producer like Srinivasaa Chitturri sir. He never interfered in the creative process and kept spending more money. I have worked wholeheartedly for this project, and it will earn him good profits. Just like how Sandakozhi, Paiyya were turning point for many actors, so will be Warriorr for Ram. He is an amalgamation of my heroes like Vikram, Mammootty sir, Suriya and others, who have worked with me till the date. I thank Simbu sir, Suriya sir and others for supporting this movie. I thank Udhayanidhi brother for supporting this movie with the launch of ‘Bullet’ song.  I request you all to support this movie, and make it successful.”

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