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M.S.Raju's '7 Days 6 Nights' new breezy Trailer captivates huge interest!!

 M.S.Raju's '7 Days 6 Nights' new breezy Trailer captivates huge interest!!

While the release date nears, Mega maker M.S.Raju's latest youthful entertainer '7Days 6 Nights' new Trailer gets huge response from audience.

The crazy & breezy trailer starred Sumanth Ashwin and Meher Chahal as the leads with Rohan & Krithika Shetty's playing crucial role in the movie.

Speaking on the occasion, Hero & Producer Sumanth Ashwin says "Shot uncompromised in the exquisite locations around Hyderabad, Bangalore, Udipi, Gokarna & Goa. We're very happy with the crazy response to our breezy new trailer. With this kind of response, we await a huge success to our youthful entertainer. Promising a fun-filled rom-com to all types of audience, we're releasing 7 Days 6 Nights on June 24th"

Director M.S.Raju says "I'm very happy with the amazing response to the new trailer of our 7 Days 6 Nights. We're very confident that we'll reach the expectations on my next, post Dirty Hari success. Featuring breezy new youthful content, 7 Days 6 Nights is a fun ride for all types of audiences. As you can see in the trailer, Hero Sumanth Ashwin has transformed himself entirely to fit the role and give his career best performance. We received applause for his crazy characterization already and we're pretty sure audience will love him living the role effortlessly. All the leads played brilliantly while the new and happening technicians gave their best+1 for this movie. Hoping the same response in theatres, we're excited to bring it to theatres on June 24th"

Presented by Mega Banner Sumanth Art Productions, Sumanth Ashwin. M, Rajinikanth. S are producing it under Wild Honey Production, Wintage Pictures and ABG Creations.

Music: Samarth Gollapudi, Cinematography : Nani Chamidisetty, Editor: Junaid Siddiqui, Production Designer : Bhaskar Mudavath , Stills : M. Rishitha Devi , Pro: Pulagam Chinnarayana, Digital PR: Sudheer Telaprolu, Publicity Designer : Eshwar Ande, Co-Director: UV Sushma, Co-Producers: J.Srinivasa raju, Manthena Ramu, Producers: Sumanth Ashwin, Rajnikant S, Written & Directed by M.S.Raju

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