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Major - A Story That Touches Every Indian Heart- Says Allu Arjun


Stylish Star Allu Arjun has had always appreciated films with good content. 'Major 'being a movie power packed with emotions of Patriotism in it ,he did not shy away from expressing his joy for giving such a wonderful experience that every Indian cherishes for a very  very long time to come.

And Truly So!!

The moment the movie Major is out, it's casting  magic all around.

A magic of pure emotions.

The movie once again reinstated the fact that all great heores  have been great  Human beings first. It's the humanity in them and their love for the fellow beings that makes them the heroes that they are. 

The audience instantaneously connected  themselves with the character of Major Sandeep. 

People after watching the movie are thanking Superstar Mahesh Babu and his partners in production for conceiving such a beautiful cinema.

The viewers  are showering praises on  Adivi Sesh for choosing to play the on-screen role of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

The spectators are spellbound by the theatrical experience and are coming out with teared eyes.

They are saying Major is a movie that an Indian should never miss watching. 

Few even quoted to the extent that this movie gives you an experience which cannot be  simply expressed by  giving a rating. It's much much beyond that.


This is truly a heartouching movie which drives deep an emotion of nationality and Indianness in one and all.

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