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Happy Birthday Looks Better Quality Than Mathu Vadalara: SS Rajamouli

 Happy Birthday Looks Better Quality Than Mathu Vadalara: SS Rajamouli 

Telugu Director Ritesh Rana who delivered a blockbuster with his debut film, Mathu Vadalara is coming up with Happy Birthday starring Lavanya Tripathi as his Second Project. The movie is releasing on July 8th. SS Rajamouli released the trailer on Wednesday at AMB Cinemas, Hyderabad and the trailer has got a superb response. Entire team attended the trailer launch event. 

Speaking at the event, Rajamouli said, "Mythri Movie Makers are Gold diggers. They got a gold mine with Happy Birthday and Clap Entertainments. Cherry is some one who is a master in problem solving. Director Ritesh Rana has utmost belief in himself, in his story, and also has amazing sarcasm. I liked Lavanya very much in the teaser and she is equally amazing here. Heroines get chances like this very rarely. She looked confident and I hope it will reflect the same in the movie".

"Vennela Kishore and Satya are my favorite comedy actors. They rocked the show. Ritesh achieved a perfect blend of comedy and thriller which is very difficult. He got a fantastic team and the team trusts him so much. As a result, they delivered better Quality than Mathu Vadalara. There are many apprehensions about audience not coming to the theaters. Audience will not come to theaters if a movie is not a half-hearted effort. But if you do some full-fledged effort like complete comedy or complete action. They will come. I guess Happy Birthday is one. Ritesh Rana confidently says this is a surreal comedy. This is a honest attempt and I am sure it will work with the audience," Rajamouli added.

Producer Cherry sounded very confident about the film. "This is a surreal action comedy film. Each character is introduced in one chapter and they all meet at the end. You will get to see a thrilling comedy. Ritesh and his team worked hard on this," he said.

Mythri Movie Makers Ravi Shankar said," We are teaming up with Clap Entertainments once again after Mathu Vadalara. The same team worked for the movie. Like how audience enjoyed Jathi Rathanalu with their families, they will enjoy this movie as well. 

Director Ritesh Rana promised double fun and double action when compared to his first film, Mathu Vadalara. "Watch Mathu Vadalara with your families in theaters," he said.

Lavanya Tripathi, the protagonist of the film sounded very excited about the film. "By watching the film you already know it is a different film. I never expected to get such a different subject. My character is completely new and fresh. Come and enjoy our party on July 8th," she said.

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