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SMS opens It’s Flagship Cafe in the city

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SMS opens It’s Flagship Cafe in the city

Hyderabad, 03 April, 2022: SMS- Snack Made Simple, An exclusive snack bistro’s first flagship outlet launched in SR Nagar, Hyderabad. SMS is a simple concept of a cafe that combines the strength of Indian snacks to Crunch and Munch over a chit chat with Chai and Coffee and spend some good time rejuvenating during a hectic day.

Indians are warm and welcoming in their nature and have centuries of heritage and culture with festivals, get-togethers and group living concepts embedded in the DNA. We find ourselves left out if we do not meet and greet a friend. A chit chat with a friend or family member regularly makes life joyful. SMS offers a vibrant place for people to stop by and replenish their energies anytime during a busy day. SMS offers crunchy and munchy Indian snacks and custom made ethnic recipes to savour along with Chai and Coffee. You do not need a reason for a small break at SMS. We offer an elaborate menu to suit your taste palettes and choices.

SMS is a Bistro outlet promoted by Anoosha Foods Pvt Ltd which is a woman-owned business enterprise. Ms Anoosha Reddy is the founder and Dr Naresh is the Chairman who are professionals from the F&B industry having more than a decade of experience working in India and abroad with major hospitality brands. They believe that women are more diligent and responsible in business; empowering women through their business model is their mission in launching this SMS model of business. With a mission to empower women all over our Telangana state, neighboring states of South India and Norther India we dream of having a chain of 1000 plus outlets across the country.

From a small kiosk to a bistro lounge there are multiple business models offered to suit the investor’s capacity and market potential. Anoosha Foods verifies the business acumen of the investor and surveys the market potential before suggesting a suitable business model. As a principle, Anoosha foods offers this franchise business model only for women entrepreneurs.

Sashi Preetham, Music Composer, Suman K Adepu, CEO of SMS, Anusha Kasula, ED of SMS, Influencers Divya Sree, Nayani Pavani and Dr. Naresh Babu Vullibhadra and others were participated.

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