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Vijay Antony is the Anti-Bikili in Bichagadu 2

Here’s the official word – Vijay Antony is the Anti-Bikili in Bichagadu 2

Actor Vijay Antony’s unceasing drive to entertain with content-and-entertainment-driven movies has earned him the undisputed safe bet of trade circles and favourite of universal crowds. In particular, his magnum opus ‘Pichaikkaran’ that recently celebrated its 6th anniversary became a raging hit in not just Tamil, but a 144-day blockbuster in the Telugu version - Bichagadu as well. 

With the official announcement on Bichagadu 2 made, the expectations and excitements got bigger. Recently, the Tamil slogan #Bikili Yoda Aethiri #AntiBikili has been trending on all social media platforms. Finally, the official word is out, and the Anti-Bikili is none other than Vijay Antony himself.  Marking the occasion, the theme song of the film was unveiled and it has a good vibe to it. It has a peppy vibe.

The antagonist in this movie is termed ‘Bikili’. Well, the curiosity levels are spiking up we will have to wait and see what or who or why BIKILI, living or non-living, human or alien.

The shooting of Bichagadu 2 is proceeding at a brisk pace. The film marks the directorial debut of Vijay Antony, who is handling editing and music as well. Kavya Thapper is playing the female lead opposite Vijay Antony. Dev Gill, Harish Peradi, John Vijay, Radha Ravi, Mansoor Ali Khan, YG Mahendran, Raja Krishnamoorthy, and a few others are part of this star-cast. Vijay Milton and Om Prakash are handling cinematography for this movie.

Fatima Vijay Antony is producing Bichagadu 2 for the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation.

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