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Prabhas Radheshyam Director Radhakrishna Interview Highlights


- Prabhas really excited about the story when i first narrated the Radheshyam story especially about the  variations of character in the movie

- Prabhas is the one who suggest me to change the backdrop from india to italy

- Faced many obstructions while covid first wave

- we given a honest conclusion about the palmonolgy and other related segments

- We want to shoot Sahho and Radhe shyam together but due to unavoidable practical problems and followed pandemic situations both the movies schedules are shot at different times

- Social media becomes very promotional segment which is influencing mass at very large

- Thaman elevated the movie to next level with his amazing talent

- Prabhas and pooja are best looking pair

- Majority of the Radheshyam VFX works are from Ukkraine and all the works are completed

- Before covid we shoot majority of the film in italy after the covid we shift entire schedule from italy to Hyderabad, we recreate italy in Hyderabad and done the shoot

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