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Kiran Abbavaram's 'Sebastian P.C. 524' is based on a novel concept

 Kiran Abbavaram's 'Sebastian P.C. 524' is based on a novel concept

After debuting in 'Raja Varu Rani Varu', Kiran Abbavaram scored a blockbuster with 'SR Kalyanamandapam' in 2021. Kiran is now a hero with huge popularity among the Telugu audience. By choosing the right projects, he has become a busy actor. His upcoming movie, 'Sebastian P.C. 524', is a village-based story that is also about pure love. A comedy thriller, it is coming against the backdrop of a hero with night blindness. Written and directed by Balaji Sayyapureddy, the film is being produced by Siddha Reddy on Jyovitha Cinemas and presented by Elite Entertainments.Pramod and Raju and Jayachandra Reddy , KL Madan are its co-producers. Namratha Darekar and Komali Prasad are the film's heroines. Having completed all its works, the comedy thriller is gearing up to hit the screens on February 25.

Director Balaji Sayyapureddy said, "I used to be an associate at Geetha Arts and UV creations, and have worked for 'Taxiwala' and 'Dwaraka'. I met Kiran through a mutual friend. Kiran liked the idea of a male lead who has night-blindness and realizes his goal despite obstacles. The story is set in Madanapalle. We shot the movie at a stretch for 32 days. The film has shaped up so well and Kiran's performance is stunning. You will remember Sebastian for days after watching the movie. I had imagined Ghibran's BGM while writing the scenes. The art work is realistic. I thank the producers for their fullest support. Kiran has been supporting me like a brother. Comedy, emotions and thrills are what make this film complete."

Kiran Abbavaram said, "I was doing 'SR Kalyanamandapam' when I listened to the story of this film. I fell in love with the story 15 minutes into the narration. The character will be remembered by the audience. We remember Brahmanandam garu's character from 'Chanti' till today. He had night-blindness in that movie and his character lasted a mere 15 minutes. Imagine a male lead himself with night-blindness. It was challenging to do the character. 'Sebastian' will impress the audience 100%. I feel lucky to have got to play a character like this. I will always remember this character in my career. You will see a new Madanapalle. The story feels like your neighbour's. The producers have been supportive throughout. Ghibran's music is a highlight. Namratha, Komali have done a good job. All 24 crafts have done remarkable work. The teaser will be out on February 5."

Producer Siddha Reddy said, "I joined hands with my friends to produce this movie because Kiran's dedication made me confident. We trusted Kiran's abilities. This is our first movie as producers. The director has done a superb job. The output is better than what we had expected."

Co- Producer Nagaraju said, "The performances are going to be a highlight. Sebastian will take charge on February 25 and we hope the audience delivers a big hit. Thanks to the efforts put in by the director, cinematographer, art director, and the entire technical team, we could complete the film in 32 days. Ghibran's music will be a highlight. If you watch a movie like this one, you will be encouraging small producers."

Editor Viplav said, "This is a special project. Kiran has done a nice job as an actor. The director has ensured novel content. The cinematographer's work is superb. The film will surely be a hit."

Cinematographer Raj K Nalli said, "'Sebastian' is not a regular movie. It's a different one. The output is superb."

PRO: Surendra Kumar Naidu - Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)

Digital Partner: Ticket Factory

Cinematography: Raj K Nalli

Art Direction: Kiran

Editing: Viplav Nyashadam

Co-Producers:Pramod, Raju 

Producer: Siddha Reddy B

Ex-Producer: KL Madan

Story, Direction: Balaji Sayyapureddy

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