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Poland child is in love with this Telugu melody 'Kala'

 Poland child is in love with this Telugu melody 'Kala'

They say music knows no language and boundaries. A soulful song can cross the seven oceans and strike a chord with the last listener on the planet. That's the limitless power of a touching, soul-stirring song.

Zbigs aka Bujji, who is a lover of Indian music, has paid a rich tribute to the soulful song, 'Kala'. Set to tune by filmmaker and composer Seshu KMR, it features Heena S. "A truly beautiful rendition by Neha Karode. This song 'Kala' is a beautiful imagination of the protagonist, who comes to Earth from Moon to enjoy Nature's beauty. A beautiful melody it is," said the singing talent from Poland, sharing his rendition on his YouTube channel.

Presented by KMR Corp and produced by Playback Entertainment, 'Kala' has been a super-hit with listeners already. Written by Kavi Siddhartha, the original song is a Neha Karode rendition. Bhargav Ravada has cranked the camera.

Song Title: Kala

Presnter: KMR Corp

Banner: Playback Entertainment Production

Actress: Heena S

Lyricist: Kavi Siddhartha

Singer: Neha Karode

Cinematographer: Bhargav Ravada

Media Partner: Movilti Media

Editor and VFX Supervisor: Surya Reddy

Executive Producer: Raj Kumar Reddy

Music Director, Concept, Direction: Seshu KMR

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