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Writer Syed to Turn Director

 Writer Syed to Turn Director

'RX100' is a sensational film which released in 2018. The dialogues in this movie are still circulating on many YouTube channels, meme pages and on the phones of youngsters. Syed is the dialogue writer for this film, which is directed by Ajay Bhupathi.

Syed who entered the Telugu film industry as a dialogue writer with the film 'RX100', has later worked with 

Prashant Verma, the director of "Awe", as a dialogue writer for "Kalki" and "Zombie Reddy". He is also working as a dialogue writer for some of the upcoming films. The most important of them is the second film directed by Ajay Bhupathi which is titled as "Maha Samudram". Starring Sharwanand and Siddhartha as the heroes, the film is already buzzing with the recently released motion posters. Sensational director Ajay Bhupathi and dialogue writer Syed Combination are coming up with another great film like 'RX100' with "Maha Samudram".

Apart from this, Syed also narrated a web film in Srihan Creations, and he is also writing the dialogues for another film which is jointly produced by Suresh Productions and Guru Films. It will be directed by debutant director Satish Tripura and will star Simha Koduri in the lead role.

Writer Syed, who excels with his talent and good opportunities, is now all set to direct a film.

 Syed will be writing the story, dialogues, screenplay and direct the film too.

Syed got the opportunity to tell this story to a leading production company, which they liked. Full details of the film will be known soon.

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