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“Balamevvadu" Movie Concept Teaser Released

"Balamevvadu" is a film that reflects the thirst of corporate hospitals for money and also the scams of medical mafia. Dhruvan Katakam is making his debut as a hero with this film. Nia Tripathi plays the heroine, wherein Suhasini, Nassar and Prithviraj will be seen in other key roles. RB Markandeyulu is producing the film, while Sanathana Drishyalu presents it. Satya Rachakonda is the director. Mani Sharma's music is going to be the major attraction of this movie. On the occasion of melody brahma Mani Sharma’s birthday on Sunday (July 11), the film’s unit released concept teaser.

Going by the concept teaser- our country was a holy land in the olden days where healthcare was considered as a service. But gradually medicine became a business. With this, the common people are having a lot of trouble not being able to buy medicine. The fact that quality healthcare has become inaccessible today for the common man is clearly shown in the concept teaser.

The popular hymn in the Bhagavad Gita, Vaidyo Narayano Hari, mentions that medicine should be as sacred as the Ganga Tirtha and reminds that doctor is equal to the god. With Sri Krishna Shatakam poem Balamevvadu Kari Brovanu as the BGM, the characters of Prithviraj, Suhasini and Nassar are introduced as doctors. Similarly, hero Dhruvan Katakam and Nia Tripathi are introduced as debutants. In the end, the team conveyed birthday wishes to Mani Sharma.

Director Satya Rachakonda is making the movie "Balamevvadu" based on real life events.

Cast: Dhruvan Katakam, Nia Tripathi, Prithviraj, Suhasini, Nassar, Vivek Trivedi, Apparao, I Dream Anjali, Mani Mahesh, Shravan Bharat

Technical Team:

Music – Mani Sharma

Lyrics - Kalyan Chakravarthi

Cinematography - Santosh Shakthi, Giri.P

Editor - Jesvin Prabhu

Fights – Shivaraj

Costumes - Harisha Rachakonda

Executive Producer - Dhruvan Katakam

Producer - RB Markandeyulu

Writer, Director - Satya Rachakonda

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