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Samantha Movie Update

 SAMANTHA to introduce 

a foreign returned techie 

turned film director

The trend of software professionals getting into film making is on rise.

The latest addition to this trend is "Mukesh kumar" an M.Sc. gold medalist and a multilinguistic who can speak 12 languages, left his software job in Dubai to achieve his dream of becoming a film director.

He made an independent film with the title "SAMANTHA".

Away from regular flicks, the film "samantha" will give a thrilling experience with twists, turns and gripping screenplay, says film director Mukesh kumar.

"I am happy that our film samantha was nominated in Indian international film festival, it is always a challenging task to make science based movies and "samantha" deals with the concept of hypnotism. How intriguingly the story is being told to audience is what matters", says the director.

Being a novice to the film industry, Mukesh says "I have to prove myself on silver screen before making films with big stars, i have scripts for star actors too" adds the director.

Touted to be a new age thriller, samantha features Siri khanakan, Lirin, Ramesh neel, Sreekanth, Pruthvi among others in crucial roles.

P.R.O- dheeraj Appaji, Music-V.R.A pradeep, Camera- Ashok Ratnam, Editor- Sai kumar Akula, Producer- leo film company, Script-Thoughts- Shots: Mukesh kumar !!

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