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Gaali Sampath Releasing On March 11th


*" 'Gaali Sampath' Which Is Releasing On March 11th Will Definitely Become A SuperHit" - Super Successful Producer Dil Raju*

'Gaali Sampath' is made under the Presentation of Blockbuster Director Anil Ravipudi. It got special craze with  Director Anil Ravipudi acting as the Presenter along with providing Screenplay and Direction Supervision. Anil Ravipudi has delivered 5 consecutive blockbusters. 'Gaali Sampath' under his direction supervision is all set to become another Blockbuster. ‘Gaali Sampath’ is Produced by his Co-Director, Writer, Friend S. Krishna under his newly launched ImageSpark Entertainment  along with Saahu Garapati, Harish Peddi’s Shine Screens banner. This film features Young Hero Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh as Hero and Heroines while Natakireeti Dr. RajendraPrasad will be seen in the titular role as ‘Gaali Sampath’. Anish is Directing this film. This film is releasing worldwide on March 11th for Maha Shivaratri. Team interacted with media in a press meet at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.

Producer S. Krishna said, " I have worked with Anil as a writer and in direction department for all of his films. For the first time I became a Producer with 'Gaali Sampath'. Anil is a main Piller in my life and he is my strength. This film started as a small movie and with the entry of Anil Ravipudi it turned into a big film which will impress everyone. My friends, Producers of Shine Screens supported me a lot. Director Anish has made this film beautifully. This film has Anil Ravipudi mark entertainment along with very good emotion. Dil Raju Garu and Sirish Garu have been supporting me from the beginning. Thanks to them. Thanks to Harish Garu and Sahu Garu for supporting me during the production of this film."

Shine Screens banner Producer Sahu Garapati said, " We loved the story narrated by S. Krishna and became a part of this movie's production. This film started as a small movie and turns big with the arrival of Anil Ravipudi. The film came out superbly. Dil Raju Garu supported a lot. 'Gaali Sampath' is releasing in theatres on March 11th. I hope you all will love this film and encourage it."

Director Anish said, " The shoot of 'Gaali Sampath' is completed recently. Currently post-production works are going on. The film is releasing on March 11th for Maha Shivaratri. Anil Ravipudi Garu gave his full support as a mentor. This film has very good emotions too along with ample entertainment. Rajendra Prasad Garu, Sai Kumar Garu, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh... everyone gave their best. Especially Rajendra Prasad Garu lived in the role of 'Gaali Sampath'. The audience will be thrilled while watching the film on March 11th. Thanks to Anil Garu, Sai Krishna Garu, Harish Peddi gadu, Sahu Garapati Garu for this opportunity. Special thanks to Dil Raju Garu who came here today to support us."

Super Successful Producer Dil Raju said, " It's very good to hear that Anil Ravipudi Presents Gaali Sampath. You all know about the journey of Anil from Pataas to Sarileru Neekevvaru. Any successful director starts with small films and gradually moves up to direct big films. But, they forget about small films. When we look back, Dasari Narayana Rao Garu, Raghavendra Rao Garu, Kodi Ramakrishna Garu used to do small films too along with big films. That's why they crossed 100 films mark. Current trend is Pan India Films. At this point big directors are not making any small films. To change that I told Anil to associate with small films along with big films.  Anil stood as a backbone to this film. 'Gaali Sampath' which is releasing on March 11th will definitely become a SuperHit. A big director should make small films along with big films. To grab the attention of audience, small films should have an extra force. Every big director has their own mark. When it is added to a small film, it will turn into a big film. I believe 'Gaali Sampath' too will become a big film on March 11th. Director Anish has a very good comedy tinge. I laughed a lot watching his 'Ala Ela' film. I watched some episodes in this film and they are very entertaining. Climax is very emotional. Rajendra Prasad Garu and Sree Vishnu together aced during entertainment and emotional scenes. The audience will witness Anil Ravipudi, Anish Krishna mark entertainment and very good emotions too. Shine Screens Producers Sahu, Harish are very close to me. All the best to them, to Sai Krishna who is debuting as a Producer and to Anil Ravipudi."

Blockbuster Director Anil Ravipudi said, " S. Krishna played a crucial role during story sittings of my every film. When he told me about the story he wrote and he wanted to turn into producer with that story, I told him that I will support him. That's how we packed the story with all elements the audience expect from this film. Shine Screen Producers came forward to stand as a backbone for this film. 'Gaali Sampath' is the first film is S. Krishna's Imagespark Entertainment banner. Initially I wanted to set the story for this film. But, the story keeps on haunting me. We don't want to miss the magic in that story. So, we all worked as a team together. Coming to the film, the title 'Gaali Sampath' gives a lot of impressions. In this film Rajendra Prasad Garu loses his voice in an accident and only air comes out whenever he talks. That is the main concept of this film. You all.know about Kiliki language in 'Baahubali'. Similarly Rajendra Prasad Garu speaks a funny language in this film, 'FiFi Language'. It will entertain you all very much. Along with ample entertainment this film also has beautiful emotion between father and son. The second half is about how 'Gaali Sampath' who doesn't have voice comes out when he fell into a 30 feet pit. This film has many such thrilling points. I gave my contribution to this film to make this magical scenes more beautiful. You all will enjoy this film more than you expect. Post lockdown releases are generating superb revenues in theatres. I wish this film too will become a big Hit which is releasing on March 11th. Dil Raju Garu and Sirish Garu supported me like a family in my journey. I am very happy that they are extending their support for this film too."

Natakireeti RajendraPrasad, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh, Tanikella Bharani, Sathya, Raghu Babu, Sreekanth Aiyyangar, Mirchi Kiran, Surendra Reddy, Gagan, Memes Madhu, Aneesh Kuruvilla, Rajitha, Karate Kalyani, Sai Srinivas, Rupalakshmi, and others are the principal cast.

Story: S. Krishna

Script Assistance: Adinarayana

Cinematography: Sai Sri Ram

Music: Achu Rajamani

Art: AS Prakash

Editor: Thammiraju

Executive Producer: Nagamohan Babu .M

Dialogues: Mirchi Kiran

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Fights: Nabha

Choreography: Sekhar, Bhanu

Make-up: Ranjith

Costumes: Vasu

Chief Co-director: Sathyam Bellamkonda

Production: Shine Screens, ImageSpark Entertainment

Producer: S. Krishna

Screenplay, Presented & Direction Supervision by: Anil Ravipudi

Director: Anish

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