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It takes two to tango: Naa Nuvve

It takes two to tango: Kalyan Ram and Tamannaah go all out for Naa Nuvve

The melodious romantic number Nijama Manasa from the upcoming film Naa Nuvve has attracted quite some attention for its freshness and soothing nature. But the audiences are going to get a lot more than just some soft music for their ears in the cinema halls upon the film’s release. 

Turns out the films lead pair Kalyan Ram and Tamannaah went all out to create a visual extravaganza for this song. The duo spent over a week training under expert tango experts, learning the vibrant and playful dance style to bring to fore an amazing dance sequence which is going to be a major highlight in the film.

In fact, so strenuous and rigorous were the practice sessions that Tamannaah suffered a foot injury in the process. Kalyan Ram left the team surprised when he spent a lot of time in rehearsals where he had to lift the heroine and the male dance assistant to ensure some steps would become perfection, and almost went on to do the same for over 100 times.

In an earlier statement, Tamannaah had said, “This is the first time I'm debuting in this dance form and in fact it's not that easy as it sounds. I got injured a few times already while rehearsing but I have to thank my choreographer Brinda Master for helping me ace this style.”

With so much effort put in just for a single song, it sure would be interesting to see what more has gone into the making of the film that is touted to be a romance drama.

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