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Dr. Rajasekhar walks the Ramp

Dr. Rajasekhar walks the ramp for Marks & Spencer in style

 Dr. Rajasekhar, the 'Angry Man' who has made a huge comeback with the recent 'PSV Garuda Vega', on Saturday, walked the ramp at MARKS & SPENCER AUTUMN WINTER-2017 collection showcase at the Jubilee Hills Club, Hyderabad. 

With his cool demeanor and dapper looks, Rajasekhar was at his awesome best. 

Speaking on the occasion, the versatile actor was at his usual self.  "Thanks for having me on the ramp.  This feels great as I am walking the ramp for the first time.  I must say this is a great experience.  With my movie 'Garuda Vega' becoming a hit, I am really in a happy mood, which made me think that I shouldn't be nervous and walk the ramp today!" he noted. 

He spoke about how director Praveen Sattaru made him toil hard for 'Garuda Vega'.  "The director is a youngster with whom I was working for the first time.  I had told him casually that I can work as hard as I did for my first film.  He took it rather seriously and made me go through a lot of physical effort," he said. 

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