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'Raja The Great' Will be our 5Th Hit this Year- Dil Raju

 This year's fifth hit with 'Raja the Great' - Dilraj  Hero Maharajah Ravi Teja is the hero of heroic characterization of his body language and dialogue delivery with heroine. He is the director of the film 'Raja the Great' directed by Anil Ravapudi, directed by Patas and Suprem Pics. The film was screened as a producer on screening of Sri Venkateswara Creations Banner, the producer of the hit films Dilraj. The film will be released to Diwali. The movie trailer was released on Friday in Hyderabad. On this occasion ...  Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja said - "This is a movie made after 13 years with Dilraj. But when it comes to gap, it's a very good movie. Director Anil is not a very positive person but a very clarity director. I hope to hit Anil with this movie. Mehreen is also a hat-trick movie with this movie. I'm working with first time with Saikarthik and Mohan Krishna. Both the film should go to the next level. Working with seniors like Rajendra Prasad and Radhika seemed pretty good. Posani, Srinivas Reddy is happy to work with all this. We made a good effort. We want to make every effort to succeed. I want to make the film a big hit. "  Dil Raju, the producer of hit films, said, "After the saree, that is what I did after 13 years. We wait audiences with a karate movie. I have already received four successes this year because of Lord Venkateshwari's Swami's grace. Anil will give fifth success. Diwali day is going to come with a good movie. Sankranthi and Dasarek have big movies in Telugu. We hope to have success with Raja The Great that made the big movies in Diwali in Telugu now. Anil Alright Patas, Superheart with supreme films. The film will be Anil's best film beyond those two films. Anil has worked hard to make this story. When I heard the story, I became an exigent. Ravi Tejaguru also called me and told me that the story is very good. I have seen the movie three days ago. Director Anil has directed me better than Naresh's. Ravi Teja made the best performance than director. I saw myself in the film. This is a magic for tomorrow's audience. The best 'Raja the Great' in the albums made by Soekartik. The hat-trick hit with Mehrain Essentiala, which has two successive successes. "He said.  "Kariity, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, said," I think a lot of the filmmakers like Ramana Naidu, who later became the producer of films that made films like silk and love. Thanks to the movie artist who gave us a producer like Dilraju at that time. This is the first big commercial film on my blindfold in my 40 year old film. I think it is also the first film in the world to be seen. Anil is now ready to achieve a hat-trick hit. Daddy's love for me, like Raja the Great in my life as Shrimanutu, seems to be an unforgettable movie. Saikarthik provided excellent score and background score. Diwali Dhamaka will be seen in the movie. " Mehreen said, "I am a big fan of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. His energy was not seen in any hero. Beautyful Journey. We are confident about movie content. Thanks to Anilravilpagari who gave me the chance to do such a good film, thanks to Dilrajujari ".  Anil Ravipudi said, '' The film is directed by the visual character of the visually challenged hero. To get the film with this story, believe the story before. We need to move forward. Thank you so much for thanking Dilraju and Shirishari for trusting us. I am thinking of starting a new story and telling a new story from the first day. Message Oriented Dialogues, Family Emotions etc. All Elements are in the cinema. The emotions of all groups of spectators will be in the entertainment industry. There is a belief that this film will surprise all of Diwali. Ravi Tejeguru, believing that this director can be convining this character rather than trusting the character. I only told him the story for just 20 minutes. He will soon do the film. Ravi Tejagaru believed me blind. He believes that I am the Efforts. He gave me strength. Dilraju has come to guide us positively. Rajendra Prasadagari has done well in the fractal of the character. The team, including Posani, Mehreen, Srinivas Reddy and Saikarthik have also supported the team. Dilrajjari, Ravi Tejagari trust this movie. There are so many Surprises in the film. Posani Krishnamurali, Saikarthik, Srinivas Reddy and others participated in this event.  Dilraju, Music by Sayikartik, Cinematography: Mohanaka Rao, Editing: Thimmaraju, Art: ASP Prakash, Fytsha Venkat, co-producer: Harshish Reddy, Producer: Sirish, Director: Anil

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