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Tremendous Response for LIE Trailer

The much awaited theatrical trailer of 'LIE' has been out. The action packed trailer promises fun, romance and thrill. It suggests that Hanu Raghavapudi has a winner in hand. The theatrical trailer promises something unusual and something very exciting. The visuals are very rich.

Nithiin plays A.Satyam, who is fondly called as 'Asatyam' as he never speaks truth. The self-confessed liar falls in love with a girl, who likes lies and finally falls for his lies. But Satyam gets hold of a packet and goons start chasing him. Here comes Action King Arjun, who looks suave and menacing at the same time. That is pretty much clear from the trailer. Looks like the film has very good romantic quotient. Going by the trailer, the action sequences are going to stun the audiences.

Looks like Love, Intelligence and Enmity are in equal measures in LIE. Megha Akash looks very beautiful. Nithiin is at his stylish best. He looks massy too. His dialogues have created intrigue. Mani Sharma's background score is another highlight of this trailer. 14 Reels Entertainment, the banner which produced some blockbusters earlier, is set to deliver one more in the form of LIE.

This movie is going to be released on 11th August.

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