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The Athidhi makes waves online

The Athidhi makes waves online and off!

Chai Bisket’s latest viral
production, The Athidhi featuring Suhas, written and directed by Sandeep and
tuned by Keeravani’s protege, Kaala Bhairava, is taking the internet by storm.

What happens when a person’s 25
year-old is greeted to a tragic news by their 35-year old self? Exploring the
possibility through a fantasy short film and adding a heart-wrenching message
to it, the “micro-drama” The Athidhi is one-of-its-kind in the clutter of
internet content of late. WIth dialogues by Masala Sandeep that hit the right
chords, Suhas’ action which makes you tear up and BGM to tug at your heart
strings, the short film can make even the rock hearted melt. Loaded with
emotion, as it conveys the message to the audience to not neglect your parents
in your pursuit of success. “By the time we begin our adult lives our parents
have already lived out theirs. The only way you can see them happy at this
stage is to talk to them," translates one line in the video which sums up
the plot of it. 

The numbers and the response
associated to this 11 minute long video speak for its success. Hitting a lakh
views just overnight and garnering over 2500 comments of which not one showed
up to be negative is no mean feat. The AThidhi flaunts over 5 lakh views and
counting right now while the cast and crew of it have been flooded with
messages and calls from fans, friends and family alike. Meanwhile, T’town too
couldn’t hold back from showering praises over this attempt. Nani tweeted,
“Adipinchesaru kada ra” while Sai Dharam Tej personally appreciated them about
the gig. And ofcourse, MM Keeravani was apparently elated to find his son’s
work reaching heights. “It’s not just me who’s happy with The Athidhi. My
entire family has been appreciating me regarding the same,” says Kaala Bhairava
adding, “My father too shared the video online because he loved it so much.”

Writer and director Sandeep says,
“We have made many videos so far for Chai Bisket but this one is special. The
response we’ve been getting is unparallelled. I got a message from one fan
saying she spoke to her mother after two years since they fought only after
watching Athidhi.” Similarly Suhas too has touched many lives with the video.
“I have only acted in comedy videos so far but with Athidhi I’m getting a lot
of praise for my acting. Tweets by so many stars has been of great support,”
says Suhas. 

The team says this is only the
beginning and that their audience can expect a lot more of worthwhile content
from them in the future as well.

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