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Will Do Film one in RJ Cinemas Banner -Naga Chaitanya

 If there is good content, I will make cinema banner - Yasavasrat Nagachaitanya Heroine is the heroine of the heroine. Director of Dynamic Lady on Cinemas Banner Jaya B. Love and Family Entertainer 'Vaishakham' produced by B Raju, the producer of hit films. D.J. Vasanth's music has been released and the audio was recently released and the super hit hit. 'Bhanumati .. Bhanumati', 'Kamman Country Chilaka ..', 'Prathastaina ..', Vaishakham title song .. All songs are superhit. This movie posters and trailer is coming up with a trimandas response. The 'Vaishakham' theme in social media has been the trendsetter by crossing 31 lakh 50 thousand views. On this occasion, on June 30, the hotel 'Vishakham' preseet was set up in Hyderabad. Yasamasatir Nagasaitanya, who was the chief guest of the event, had to watch the movie 'Vishakham', a theatrical trailer and congratulated the film unit and released 'Vaishakhham' promos. Hero Hareesh, heroine Avinika, Dynamic Lady director Jaya B, producer BA Raju, cameraman Valishetti Venkata Subba Rao, line producer B Siva, comedians, Bhadram and Vighanesh participated in this event. Yaswamrat Nagachaitanya said: "Thanks to the first king. In the case of film release or publicity, I do not have enough thanks to his support for Akkineni's family, Encouragement. The songs seem to have good content. I believe you will be another good film in your banner. Kangrats to Jayagari who made a good film like 'Vaishakham'. All of the songs have seen. Visually very beautiful. Photographie and music made as Fantastic. Production Values ​​are also Extraordinary. Harish, Avantika Looks Super. It is very happy to introduce two new comers with the film. New talent comes in the industry with good movies. Industry is still well developed. Both hero and heroine have a bright future. All the best for Artists and Technicians. I wish to be a superhit 'Vaishakham'. If there is good content, I will make a film in Cinemas banner. " Dynamic Lady Director Jaya B. "Anyone who looks at the hero, thinks he is a good hero and a father. But if you look at Nagachaitanya, the guy in our house reproves. Thanks a lot for such a good hero to our function. " Producer BA Raju said "This is our movie. Our media cinema. It's very nice to meet everyone. Prior to the hero, we are familiar with Chaitanya. Good hero. He is a good man. Everyone knows what his status is. Friendly with everyone. We are loved and loved by us. We are very happy. From 'Josh' to hit 'Rarandoy' hit on hit respectively. There will be another hit in August. As the artist, the vibrant Vais has been very happy to give us a bigger star. 'Vaishakham' will be released in the second week of July.        Hero Harish said, "Naga Chaitanya movie films are not missing. I saw everything. When I see him, I feel like my brother. My favorite youngsters are the Nagasthyanthyaga first. Thank you so much for getting this function to support us like this. The film got very well. I am very happy to be a part of this film. The theme teaser has crossed 3 million views. Encouraging new comers like us. Whether this film is a waiter for release, "he said. Heroine Avantika said, "The songs and trailer of the film are coming up with the Tremendous Response. Thank you for the king who gave you such a good act in the movie, thanks to Jayagari. The film has given the Wandrupful Experience ". Venkata Subba Rao said valisetti Photography - " 'King of the film was very hard to get anywhere without Compromise. And the publicity and promotion are doing well. The film was created with the passion of Jayagara Commitment and made with the film. The teasers, the songs got excellent response. Definitely we are confident that the film will hit the block buster. Thank you for the king who gave me the opportunity to work for such a good film, Jayagari. " Comedian Bhadram said, "I acted in 'Love'. Nagachaitanya is also a star son down to earth. I have learned a lot from him. The shooting of 'Vaishakham' was a picnic. Jayagariki given the chance to work with such a good film, thanks to my king, "he said. Harish, Avantikā Dialogue King Sai Kumar starrer film is playing a special role. Isvariravu, ramaprabha, Prithvi, Kashi Vishwanath, krsnabhagavan, Lakshmi, shot Sudarshan, Appa Rao, Mansoor, save, elegance, work, Madhavi, Jenny, Zabardast Team Venkatesh, director, Ram Prasad, Prasad, Teja, Shashank, latis, fame Naidu, Parameeswari , Govindarao, Veeranna Choudary, the king boyidi, Lata sangaraju, beauty, Monica, Chandni, isani Kalyani cam, Shah Jahan, Suzanne, and others play an important role Aru. The film photography: valisetti venkatasubbaravu, music dijevasant, Dance: vijesekhar, Art: Murali KONDETI fights: Venkat Ram Hiren, Stills: Sh

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