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Mixture Potlam Press Meet

 Bus Journey to the mixture in the wake of the stomach  Bhanu Chander, senior actor's son Jayant, Shweta Basu Prasad starrer film `natistonna potlam mixture. The tone of the film is being directed by Satish Kumar emvi kalapatapu Godavari Laxmi Prasad Chaudhary Veeranna than, jointly producing lankapalli Rao. The party is busy completing the shooting to post production. On this occasion, a press conference held in Hyderabad ..  Laxmi Chitra Prasad, one of the producers' first film in our banner. Full-comedy genre, there are plenty of items in the terakekkistunpattiki emotional connect with the audience. Andajestunnam short message to the community, as well as through the film. The hero, the heroine of the scenes are interesting. File Team ... Ali Jabr, posani, Krishna Bhagawan His performance the audience laugh comedy. Swetha Basu Prasad comes in the hype of the film is good. Performance of the new natinatulanna showed the senior actors. Whether the director's new film was directed anubhavajksudila. Tisukostunnam good out with the cooperation of all of the foot. Post-production work is currently underway. Coming in the audio, will release the film in December. Naccutundani all sections of the audience is going to be in our movie.  In addition to the film-maker lankala another village matladutu Rao also played a kyarekt. Senior Swethabasu along with many of the actors had starred in the short film. The film was a big success for our belief that small films. The other two films in the same banner terakekkincanunnam said.  Chitra director Satish Kumar, the producers of 'my story was the same in the first sitting. The producers expect to get lucky in the fashion movies. Vallandari kahakaranto give good out of the foot. Shirdi bus journey from the background of the story .. Amalapuram terakekkincam. The journey to the familiar characters will be different? Matladukuntunta on various topics for the Journey to pass the time. Interestingly, such issues have been highlighted to our story kada. We have tried to present the politics setairikal comedy. Raktikattistayi sequences between the hero and the heroine. Miss White's character name in the golden years. Chintamani, Maha Lakshmi towards a memorable character, the character konnallapatu the Telugu audience. Come along songs. Kalyan review is to highlight the performance of the camera. Telugu film audience is going to be our adaristarani asistunna.  Swethabasu heroine Prasad Kotha Bangaru Lokam ', ride, kasko doing good film after film. Suvarna Sundari, which plays a role as a celebrity. Kadidi romantic film. How are the people in the community? Vyaktitvalualocana highlight items that appear to approach them. Untundi messages to simulate the way the society is going to be taken.  Rounding out the personal stuff ... within a scientific education learned music. At that time, the film was offered. But then when it comes to films, padavutundani not read. Journalism and mass communications have been. McCullough then in Bollywood 'de,' ikbhal the film was offered. After some time, so busy in the Lord, along with the Ace. With the re-entry after a gap of a little more again replying 'potlam mixture. As well as two films in Bollywood admitted. Karan Johar's banner is currently doing in the movie 'Badrinath key dulhaniya. `'re Going to be produced on its own as well as short films.    Dialogues: ciranjivies, camera near Kalyan, Editing: M. Or. Verma, music, madavapeddi Suresh, story, story, directed by: Satish Kumar MV

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