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Vishakam Will Creat Trend In Small Films

After Hit films like 'Chantigadu', 'Gundamma Gaari Manavadu', 'Lovely' Dynamic Lady Director B.Jaya's next 'VAISAKHAM'  is being produced by 'Superhit' owner B.A Raju under his RJ Cinemas banner. Harish,Avantika will be seen as lead pair along with dialogue king Sai Kumar in an important role. Film will be completed with final schedule in September. Unit has arranged a press meet on Sunday to give details about the film. Speaking on this occasion,

Director Jaya says, "Each and every character has importance in 'Vaisakham'. Songs came out very well. While we were in Kazakhstan for songs picturisation, local people who were at the shooting spot enjoyed the songs by dancing among themselves. By seeing that my confidence got doubled that our audience  surely will connect to the songs. Everyone including Artists,Hero, Heroine and technicians are giving a very good support. DJ Vasanth has given very good music to the film. He was impressed and thrilled after watching his songs on screen. Except for two days entire shooting part has been completed. Post-production work is already going on.Editing is completed and is currently undergoing it's colouring process. Everyone is saying that 'Vaisakham' title itself gives a pleasant feel. I am sure that audience will feel the same after watching the film."

Producer B.A.Raju says, " Film is currently in its final stages of shooting. Shooting will be completed in September. Already post-production works are going on. Post-production works also will be completed in October. Earlier Superhit films in our banner 'Chantigadu' 'Gundamma Gaari Manavadu' 'Lovely' has a good message perfectly blended with love and entertainment. 'Vaisakham' too follows the same succesful template with a feel good love story. All the films made in our banner has garnered profits for all distributors. We are also getting offers to release the film in Hindi and Tamil languages too. Telugu audience always encourage new films with fresh subjects. 'Vaisakham' has all elements to impress Telugu audience. 'Vaisakham' will create a new trend in small films."

Hero Harish says, " I am forever indebted to B.A.Raju Garu and Jaya Garu. It is them who made me hero.Film came out really well. It is only because of Raju Garu and Jaya Garu, 'Vaisakham' came out very good. Currently film is undergoing in its post-production works."

Kasi Viswanath says, " Films made on RJ Cinemas banner are always profitable to distributors. Similarly 'Vaisakham' too will become a very big successful film for everyone. 'Vaisakham' is a perfect feel good film. Producer Raju Garu is taking a very good care about everyone and is immediately arranging everything needed for the film. Vasanth's music , Subbarao's Cinematography are main assets for the film."

Cinematographer Vaalisetty Subba Rao says, " Post-production works are going simultaneously along with shooting. Jaya Madam is currently busy with editing work. We are planning to release the film in November."

Music Director DJ Vasanth says, " Everyone in the unit is loving this film and are trying hard to make this film better.Along with love, entertainment film has a very good message. Planning to release the film in November."

Line producer Siva, Sudershan, Bhadram, Sravan also attended this press meet.

Along with Harish and Avantika in lead roles, Sai Kumar in a vital role, the other cast includes, Eeswari Rao, Rama Prabha, Prudhvi, Kasi Viswanath, Krishna Bhagavan, Sri Lakshmi, Gundu Sudershan, Bhadram, Sompu, Phani, Madhavi, Jenny, Jabardasth Team Venky, Sreedhar, Ram Prasad, Prasad, Teja, Lateesh, Sruthi Naidu, Kalyani, Kumari, Mounica,Chandini, Ishaani in other important roles.

D.O.P : Vaalisetty Venkata Subba Rao, Music : DJ Vasanth, Dance : V.J. Sekhar, Art : Murali Kondeti, Stills : Sreenu,  Co-Director : Amaraneni Naresh, Production Executive : Subba Rao, Line - Producer : B.Siva Kumar, Producer : B.A Raju, Written & Directed by B.Jaya.
 Trend vaisakham will create lots of small films - producer bieraju "Cantigadu ',' gundammagari grandson ',' Lovely 'hit films like Jaya B tarvataledi director. Directed 'superhit' chief bieraju, RJ Cinemas banner movie 'vaisakham. Harish, Avantikā Dialogue King Sai Kumar starrer film, playing a special role. The film in September, celebrates the final schedule. Who organized the event at a press conference on Sunday citrayunit .. Each character to the importance of dynamic lady director is vaisakhansinimalo jayabi said. Songs very well. Songs of kajikistan while filming the local people were dancing, listening to the songs themselves. Will you be allowed to connect to the audience and certainly we do not doubt avutundanadanlo connected. Harish hero, heroine, everyone, including the cast and supporting teknisiyans well. Vasant Rao provided a good music. He was seen for the songs philayyaru as much thrill. All done except for two days of filming. Alredi completes the post-production work. Done editing programs. Coloring is done. Vaisakham title can be heard by everyone to feel a lot better. After watching the film feel tomorrow will be the same. `` He said. Chitra said producer bieraju - `` the film has reached the final stage. Nelalocivari will complete the schedule. Along the way, was in post-production. Post-production work will be completed in October. Cantigadu previously released in our banner, gundammagari grandson, Love, Love this picture along the lines of Lee's films, along with the good message of the film vaisakham Entertainment. Distributors to release films on our banner was brought in good profits. Our film in Tamil, Hindi, all asking to be released. Supports the new story of the films in the Telugu audience. As well as all the elements are in our vaisakham. Cestundi create a new trend in the short films, the film is going to be our vaisakham.  Hero said Harish bierajugariki, jayagariki and I'm grateful. Because he was a hero to me. The film was well. The reason for this film to better vaisakham jayagaru, cause king. The post production work is going jarupukuntundi. Kashi Vishwanath said - `arjesinimas the banner of the films to distributors earned good profits. The film also will be a big success as well as the upcoming vaisakham. A feel-good movie. King, all the things is by the producer of the film. Vasant's music, film subbaravugari sinimatograpi said avutundi big asset. Valisetti cinematographer, he said - `` post-production work for the film celebrates. Jayagaru were busy in editing work. Cestunnam plan to release the film in November, he said. Dijevasant said - `` Everyone liked, hard-image. Love, in an entertaining way, the message of the film. Cestunnam plan is going to release in November. Line producer of the event, Shiva, Sudarshan, bhadram, S and others were present.                       Isvariravu, ramaprabha, Prithvi, Kashi Vishwanath, krsnabhagavan, Lakshmi, Gundu Sudarshan, save, anise, Phani, Madhavi, Jenny, Zabardast Team Venkatesh, director, Ram Prasad, Prasad, Teja, latis, srtinayudu, Kalyani, Kumari, Monica, Chandni, isani others play an important role. Diopi .: valisetti venkatasubbaravu, music, dijevasant, Dance: vijesekhar, Art: Murali Kondeti, stills, Seenu, Co-Director: amaraneni Naresh, Production Executive: Subbarao, Line Producer: bisivakumar, producer: bieraju, writing, directing, Jaya b.

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