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Its pleasure Working with Sai Dharam tej-Shaik Dawood

 Hero sayidharamtej feel so lucky to work with. 'Erratic' story, screenplay writer, Sheikh Dawood  after the game the opportunity to screen the film iccarua Venkatadri Express, Express Raja movies cesanuayite currently working on the screenplay for the section of the erratic story, screenplay and providing bhavistunnanuoka novelty of my luck, understand different story, agreed to encourage me Sai Dharam Tej garu made our hero, as well as our producer Rohini Reddy garu, my story brought to the screen is a great director and Sunil Reddy garu telupukuntunnanutikka my sincere thanks to everyone who worked for the technician to the film, cast all the thanks and kangratsna last like the films, the audience for this film adaristarani, we hope to provide a sweeping victory. Korutunnanualage to support friends in the media was crowned the Telugu industry talent to feature on my thanks to premabhimanalaku telupukuntu, no longer hoping to also bless me, praying to the support of the D to your shake.

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