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Angel Movie Launched Grandly

 Nag anves Angel Opening Films, the banner of the leading construction company in Sri Saraswati Chaudhary, presenting a threat to the new director of the Amazon Palani vengayya Sagar directed and produced by young film producer Bhuvan 'Angel'. Anves star Naga Youth, Beauty Queen hebba Patel starrer Rama Naidu Studios in Hyderabad today celebrated the beginning of the film. The hero of the opening of the Supreme sayidharam Teg gave the clap, while the un-producer Tagore Madhu switch the camera, Naga anves, hebba Patel, a director Palani muhartapu Saptagiri filmed the scene. 'Quarter of the hard to read, hard job, another quarter are retired and setilai front investment .. We did the character to lead the life of the mine, as the hero of the Naga anves ... "Ditto the same as mine, but the dialogue," he said Saptagiri hebbapatel heroine being joined them ..' lenti launches a dialog that I can not get to me .. .. all over the world to enjoy the apartment when the first shot was okay director Palani. Suresh Babu is the producer of the event was attended by the chief guest. Speaking at the press meet after the director of the Amazon Palani .. Amazon director Palani We read a quarter of the hard, hard job, and would lead a retired life after that setilai in front of the apartment. But as the movie hero character naniki not pesansi. Pasta life, in this short span of earning as soon as the character who would like to enjoy life. Another friend's character suited to the character Saptagiri. Kannan will be the center of such a girl. Santosannanta anubhavincalanukune character in the world. Josh is one of the three to do so and continue to enjoy a full life of the hero, the hero is a danger of sudden irukkuntaru friend's character. Outstanding among them to discover whether this danger. They finally to the risk that the image of edurkontarannade. A new point is that the cause of the accident. It's a comedy, fantasy, is accompanied by thrills. Mugisidannadi happy to begin the story of the Angel said. Sagar producer Bhuvan In the three Schedules, Hyderabad, konasimalo producer Bhuvan Sagar said the shooting would be to manage the plan. Hero Naga anves "Since childhood, growing up in the atmosphere of the film from the beginning of the film is the desire to be in. Great actor as a child actor Venkatesh's feel lucky to come to the chance to work with ..." enjelloni story, the story of this film is very differ ... akattukuntanani I hope you ... I'll try my level best ... is going to be Hebba heroine Patel Angel in his career to become a big hit, and soon the audience with a wonderful character, he said, more and more alarincabotunnatlu Natadu said Saptagiri The hero of the film, with the travel of the full length of the Naga anves am roll, the audience adyantam Entertainments ritana Angel Story of the fans will certainly like to have been told .. ..


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