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TAL Award for Nataprapurna Mohanbabu

 London Telugu Association (TAL) prestijiyas hayyast Dr. award. Mohan Babu Telugu film actor Collection King damohan launches its own distinctive appearance brought sands. Besides the political leader of a performer, producer, literary polymath who spread the fame of its own identity, becoming teluguvari. Mohan babu London in all its saililo successful Telugu Association (TAL) TAL hayyast prestijiyas they honored the award. On March 28, the City of London on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebrations and a fantastic New Year award bahukarincanunnaru impressive. Established in 2005, the Telugu Association of London where the Telugu language, Telugu Telugu progression to contribute to the development of traditions. Telugu Ugadi celebration every year to celebrate excellence in various fields, but will present awards to those places. This year as part of the Da. Award presented by Mohan Babu

    Date: 17th February 2015  To,   Padmashree Dr Mohan Babu Manchu garu,   Indian film Actor, Director and Producer, Educationalist, Social Worker and Philanthropist   Hyderabad, India   Invitation for TAL “10th Anniversary and Ugadi” Celebrations on 28th March 2015.  Dear Padmashree Dr Mohan Babu garu,   It is with great pleasure that we write to invite you as a Chief Guest to Telugu Association of   London's (TAL) 10th Anniversary and Ugadi 2015 Celebrations in Ilford on 28th March 2015 at   “Redbridge Town Hall, 128 - 142 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1DD, UK between 3:00pm and   9:00pm.   On this special mile stone event of TAL, we would like to felicitate you with the TAL’s prestigious   highest award for all your services in entertainment, education, charitable work, Telugu language   and many more.   We will be delighted with your presence on this auspicious occasion and it will add more colours   to the event in the culturally vibrant and diverse City of London, Greater London and the UK.   This event includes a number of Special Telugu cultural acts on the day and with a renewed   presence and performances by both local and international artists. Art and talent, music, dance   and drama will be the theme of cultural show. Distinguished local MPs, Mayor and Indian High   Commissioner would be attending this event.   TAL is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2005 for serving the Telugu speaking community in   the UK (Registered charity number: 1137074).   On behalf of TAL family, we thank you for this opportunity and we hope you are able to accept   this invitation and we look forward to hearing from you.   Yours Sincerely Yours Sincerely  Mrs Dharmavati Nistala Dr Ramulu Dasoju   Chairperson Founder President & Ugadi 2015 Convenor    Telugu Association of London (TAL), A UK Registered Charity    Serving Telugu Community Since 2005    With Unite, Cherish and Share Telugu Culture as a motto About TAL  Telugu association of London (TAL) is a not-for-profit widely known first ever Telugu charity   organization in UK (UK registered charity organization No. 1137074). TAL was formed in April 2005   with a clear vision and objective to lay foundations for Telugu speaking community.   TAL motto: Unite, Cherish and Share Telugu Culture   TAL runs various events throughout the year under the following sub-groups. A few below.    TCC (Telugu Culture Centre) organises the following activities   • Telugu language classes for all   • Violin, Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance), Carnatic Vocal (Indian classical vocal),   Bollywood Dance for juniors and adults   • Children's day with performances by TCC students each November    TAL Sports organises the following activities   • TAL Cricket 20-20 championships each summer   • Badminton, Chess, Volleyball championships each winter    TWF (TAL Women Forum)   • TAL Cricket 20-20 championships each summer   TAL has restored the Grave of the British Born Telugu writer/poet Sir. Charles Philip Brown (CP   Brown) in London and also we started TAL Cultural Centres to teach Telugu Language and fine arts   to preserve our language and culture and pass it onto the next generations. We had the greatest   honour of felicitating Great Grandson of Sir. Arthur Cotton who built many dams across rivers in   India.   In addition to this, TAL charity recognizes the achievements of various artists, performers and   exponents and brings their works to the notice of thousands of new audiences through our most   popular annual celebration on every Telugu New year day “Ugadi” in London. TAL conducts talent   hunts and surveys.   Also brings out a colourful cultural souvenir “Maa Telugu” (means Our Language) every year with   works from various artists, authors, writers, scientists, professionals, students, business community   etc... We also encourage the artists by grandly felicitating and respecting their work by   commissioning “Cultural Excellence Award” and “Life Time Achievement Award” every year. I am   very pleased to say that 7 eminent people received life time achievement awards in due recognition   to their dedication for the very development of the humanity and society in Britain and a total of 14   including local and international artists received Cultural excellence and appreciation awards.   Throughout the year in addition to other charitable, social, women's, sporting and youth activities   TAL also provide opportunities for cultural sharing and skills development through our international   arts performance and exchange program on various international stages in and around London. We   support cultural practitioners, for example in the areas of music and dance, literature to have their   work appreciated by others and their concerns staged and propagated at a local and global level. We   are making every attempt to understand and develop projects to foster greater respect and   understanding between different identities in London, particularly in the areas of education, music,   dance, linguistics, sports etc... As part of our curriculum we celebrate Children's day every year on   eve of the birth anniversary of India’s First Prime Minister Shri. Jawaharlal Nehru.

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