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Sailu Busy in Dts Mixing

 Dts In mixing Vigneshwar Productions sailu  Kiran, Shalu, Richa hero hiriyinluga Sri Vigneshwar Productions and directed by Sandip Chakraborty marapatla kaladhar No. 1 film in the style of the film production produced by Chitra producer marapatla kaladhar decided to title the Emperor said. The film is currently in post-production, filming and celebrates programs. As part of the ditiesmiksing programs currently underway. On this occasion, ...   Director Sandeep said, '' rather than the producers of the film shot somewhere compromised. Well kottavarainappatiki actors in the cast. Played a key role in the darasakudu bivivicaudarigaru. And thanks to him. The film was well planned. Work is currently in post-production as part of the dities. The producers gave me the opportunity to thank the director, '' he said. Marapatla kaladhar producer, said the Emperor, '' which opened as the No. 1 production in our Vigneshwar banner in the style of the film, we decided to get the title. Sandeep director of this film. I got better than expected. All sections of the audience entertained terakekkistunnam this picture. Chitra are planning to release the audio of this month. Ditiesmiksing celebrates the film, '' he said. Vinod, narasinharaju, Moon, non-aggressive, Prasad, Vasu, Naveen other taragananga. The film's story: Vasu doddipatla, the words: raghavansi, in letter and spirit, the songs: cirravuri Vijay Kumar, paidisetti Ram, Vijay Verma, Art: Art Venkat, editing nagireddivi, cinematography: mahiserla, Music: Kishan Kavadiya, co-producers: Kishore kosaraju Producer: marapatla kaladhar monarch, screenplay and direction: Sandeep.

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