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Ravi Varma Interview Photos

 'Calling Bell' big picture thanks to the audience - Ravi Varma Read more ... Kathak dance lessons as a child. After schooling in engineering, engineering've sibiaiti St. therisalo. Acting after the US to take the course. Went. New York Film akadamilo done, of course. Devakattagaru me there 'moonlight' audition for the film was in the Select. The first film is a good break ... 2004 was my first film 'vennelato Syed has been introduced as the Telugu audience. The first movie had a good break. The film brought me to the recognition of a 'soldier', 'Rakhi', 'Bommarillu', 'classmates' films have been possible. After coming out of the beginning of good opportunities. You have made the film as one of the lead. As well as the 'Jalsa', 'opposite Katrina' films made Supporting characters. 'Virodhilo also have a very good role. 'Upcoming', 'how to do', 'bucammabucodu', 'Tungabhadra', 'Weekend Love "have pictures. Both of them were sphiresan me in ... Kamal Haasan to me, was quite fond of dancing ciranjivigari 'marina was he', 'desire' to see the pictures nercukovalanukuni learned dancing. Both of them are still in spiresan me. 'Calling Bell' film was well received ... 'Calling Bell' film was well received. It seemed very hyapiga. Have a lead role in the film. Comes with a good response from the audience. The movie was such a big hit, thanks to the audience. So far, I've done about 26 films. Positive, negative role, although different in every film as my role in it. Such a good reason to take the director, the producer, the reason for the hero.  T project necks .... Nararohit 'Asura', 'criminals', PVP banner 'moment', Hope director Srikanth as the hero in a movie directed by Satish Cassette'm full length roll. I am seven to eight films in different roles. Mahesh Babu 'srimantudu', 'docey' doing films. Each time a new thing I learned with them .... I'd like to make characters that carry emosanal. Positive, negative rolls anyway. Calling Bell was also on offer as well. One thing I learned while with every lead character. Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh, NTR learned so many things from so many people.

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