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Jil audio grand launch on March 12

 Jil audio grand launch on March 12  Young Rebel Star Prabhas Mirchi with the blockbuster success in the first attempt to receive a super-producers Vamsi, Pramod jointly on UV Creations banner, laukyam the image of the film as a hero of the hit movie to his credit, JIL Chitra vesukunnagopicand audio will be released on March 12 grand. Film celebrities, fans will be released in the presence of a grand in Hyderabad. Run Run Raja, the best villain in films such as sangitamandincadam this movie was amazing sangitamandincina jibran. Paricayamautunnadu Radha Krishna Kumar, a director with this film. The first look teaser has been released recently to the Super Response. Incidentally rasikhanna opposite is the heroine. Inelakharulone producers are planning to release the film.  Chitra said ... Incidentally movie producers wishing to be completed in time for JIL ceyagaligam built yuvi Creations banner. Foreign recently shot in beautiful locations in the songs. Part of the shooting has been completed. Is currently in post-production activities have been going faster and faster. Taking Radha Krishna Kumar will be the new director. Incidentally biggest blockbuster hit of her career in the film, which is to receive the Stamina. Plus a lot of the songs in the film were provided jibran. The re-recording is also very well. Recently released teaser got a very good response. This Chitra audio and film celebrities, to be released in Hyderabad on March 12 in the presence of the crowd. All programs have a complete picture of inelakharulone preksakulamunduku tisukostam around the world. Said  Cast - Incidentally, calapatirav, Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna, suprit, Kabir, Harish uttaman, Srinivas purposes, Amit, Prabhas Sreenu, phanikant, Master Nikhil, baby Anjali, kalpalata, elemental and others in the cast.  Technical Category Costume designer - garden Vijay Bhaskar Art Director - eesprakas Action Director - Anil Arasu Editor - Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao Director of photography - Energy Saravanan Music - jibran Executive Producers - ensandip Producers - vivansi, Pramod Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction - Radha Krishna Kumar

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