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I am Proud of My Studios Says Adithya Ram

  Our studio  am very happy to celebrate the construction of a commercial movie                                                               - 'Adityaram studios' chief adityaram In the wake of the hubbub, Khushi Khushi welcome, ekniranjan superhit films as a hobby and took the name of the producer group, the Supreme Leader of the adityaram adityaram. Successful producer rather surprised by his success continues to be a major studio, studio heads. On the other side of the film business, looking to build something different to the film plane puto Aditya Group Name field test nilicipoyela utandi Chennai, East Coast Road, built in the South film industries in the studio was one of the best studio. Adityaram adityaram the head of the studio, saying, `'' Businessman of the Story is very interested in me as a kid. He entered the cinema with four good films produced to suit the taste of the audience. Sinimaranganiki want to do anything useful with all modern amenities and facilities baguntundanna got the idea to build a studio. As part of the utandi Chennai, East Coast Road, was built in the large studio. In the studio, which is about two phejluntayi specialties. The first part is a set of songs that can be citrikarincukunenduku. Another set of phase Street, Temple, Church, Mosque, pitching is suited for such sets. According to the filmmakers to meet the needs of our studio stunning sets that are art directors. So this is a specialty of the set, which was built in the studio. And there are a lot of examples. Universal Hero Kamal Hasan Dasavatharam film directed by the Historical Part of the set for the film was a big highlight. As well as Awara hero Karthi, Selva Raghavan by the combination of visual wonder yuganikokkadu most of the key scenes of the film was filmed in our studio. Ilayadalapati Tamil hero Vijay Hansika is currently the star of the hero, Sridevi, Haasan Combo Combination simbudevan direction 'tiger' picture shot in our studio. Rupondutonna socio-fantasy storyline of the film, especially about the importance of setski ceppanakkarledu. Taggattugane their needs, providing all the facilities needed for our studio. Starting to see that the set of the movie is set to be one of the best was a great pleasure to be praised. The filmmakers and is a haven for himself all the modern amenities and facilities already in our studio. The future will bring internationally recognized as the studio tircididdabotunnam '' he said.

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