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"Cinema Chupista Maava" Shooting in Final Stage

 "Cinema Chupista Maava""  shooting almost completed ! "Uyyala jampala" Tarun Raj avikagor together again after playing the movie "Cinema Chupista Maava"". Anjireddi Productions-ardiji production praili Entertainment Association presented aryat film directed by Lucky Media banner trinadharavu   "Cinema Chupista Maava"" three quarters of the shooting has been completed. The final is scheduled to take place from March 10 to 31, with the rest of the shoot .. including songs will be complete. Post-production work is planned to be released in May of this image is already prarambhincukonna. "Human" role, starring in the film, Posani Krishna Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri, sampurnes Babu, Krishna Bhagawan, Praveen, Jayalakshmi, silver and others play an important role. Music: sekhara Moon, the words: Prasanna jekumar, script coordinator: Sai Krishna, Co-Director of the universe, cinematographer: sayisriram, producers: bogadi anjireddi bekkem Venugopal (Gopi) - Rupesh digohil jisunita, story Play-by-Screen: trinadharavu  !

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