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Chitram Kaadu Nijam release on March 28

 Chitram Kaadu Nijam - True footage of the film, which was released on March 28  In 2010, six friends at a distance of 90 km from Mangalore to make trucking a lot of fun to go to a forest, had disappeared. Then they took the camera found in 2012 in the visuals in any way, nor were they found. Now that the film is in the form of visuals and editing, however, with the permission of the Forest Department were brought forth. It is strange to hear ... Chitra industry stands out as a rare record. This is different in the film 'is not Chitramidhi and technology' was the title. Today, Romance, Villa, bhadram different images as successful as provided by the Good Film Group, Mr sailendhra Productions, in conjunction with the citranninirmincindi. Ramesh shoot footage of the programs that were completed, will be released on March 28.  Chitra features gudphrends the producers said, "is a rare event, based on the film. Mangalore six friends who went missing in the nearby forest is a collection of events 'is not Chitramidhi and technology'. They do not disappear ... and it was one of those camera. Its not Chitramidhi vijuvalse and technology. That is, A True footage of the film. The forest department is allowed to release the film're taking. Today, Romance, bhadram, Villa different images as provided by the Good Film Group ... 'is not Chitramidhi and technology' is happy to provide such a wonderful film. The film was released in conjunction with the Sri Shailendra Productions  on March 28, ahead of the audience for this picture, "he said

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