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SuniI New Movie in R.P.A Creations

 Sunil New movie in RP Creations  Sunil as hero, 'capping' subjects such as film director with some successful akella Vamsidark, short films as the blockbuster mettamedati kriyot trend of the 'romance Chitramidhi' or producer. Sudarshan Reddy, a leading construction company, RP, no. Kriyosans banner nirmicanunnaru a big budget film. 'Romance Chitramidhi' profound stories and then heard his banner RP, ekriyosans the production of the film as the No. -2 to hit the beginning of the film as being a picture with the hero Sunil halt. On February 28, the eve of the birthday of the hero Sunil arpiekriyosans members of the production unit No. -2 hero Sunil Happy Birthday statements.  Arsudarsan the producer Sunil Reddy .. the first day of the birth of our hero, our Chitra unit case tarupuna everyone happy birthday. 'Romance Chitramidhi' Many have heard the stories. But the overwhelming success of my first efforts have provided short films in Telugu preksakulandari receive our banner arpiekriyosans Value Estimates put the film at the time to be looking for good stories 'capping' film director came to me with a good story akella Vamsidark. I heard Mr. Sunil agreed immediately. Sunil is a good story to viewers who want to be 100% in the same range, the story of coming to our banner. Sunil's body language to show the director of the newly Vamsi   Sunil's no entertainment from the desire to be in the same film. Pucca commercial action entertainer upcoming star in the film cast, sanketikanipunala will let you know the details very soon. Coming to go onto the sets of the film. The movie will impress all sections of the audience. Is going to be.  The director said Vamsi Krishna akella .. 'capping', such as commercial Success Success Full image and then waiting for the story to me it was all kamarsanayal hangulunna. Sunil is a good place for the story told in this story as soon as he said that I would wait. Mr. Sunil to lead to a commercial story, the 'love story' or producer. Thanks to my two hyapi built as Sudarshan Reddy. Sunil's say my birthday wishes. Said  Co-producers: arayus Reddy, Reddy arpiaksit Producer: arsudarsan Comments Story-Screenplay-Direction: Vamsi Krishna Akella

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