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Premante Suluvu Kadura Shooting completed

 Prema ante suluvu kadhu ra finished shooting    "RP Productions" bhavanasi Prasad and produced under the banner of "Easy is not saved" has already completed shooting events. Simmidas paired opposite Rajeev Govind Reddy, director of the film debut of young pratibhasali subscription. The film's producers, including yansriramulu-kesudhakar Reddy. As the programs completed during the shooting of the film director Govind Reddy subscription ... "to fall, or perhaps While it is easiest to make. But it is very difficult kapadukovadame" the point .. entertain with songs hitting the movie "Easy is not saved." Auto nadupukone abbayi no consequences for the love of engineering tisindanedi formed between the girl read a brief story of the Rajiv-simmidas performance, cinematography raghuta Suresh, Nandan Raj Music, dark little literature, Uddhav editing, as well as the story-the story, dialogue, "it is not easy saved" the special attractions of the film testimony. Recently completed shooting. Post-production is underway. Audio in the first week of April, the same month in the last week of summer are planning to release the film as a gift, "he said. Kasi Vishwanath, Madhumati, Ashok Kumar, jabardast Baby, cammak Chandra, Chitti, Tarzan, Khalil Bhasha, Sampath Raj other matalugh Govind Reddy-Suman plays an important role in this film, music: Nandan Raj, lyrics: dark,  Uddhav, is being: Suresh raghuta, co-produced by: yansriramulu-kesudhakar Reddy, Producer: bhavanasi Prasad, Story-Screenplay-Direction: Chanda  Govind Reddy                "Premante Suluvu Kadura" Photo Gallery,Premante Suluvu Kadura Telugu movie images, stills,Premante Suluvu Kadura Movie Stills,Premante Suluvu Kadura Cast and Crew ,Premante Suluvu Kadura,After 10 years, 'Premante Suluvu Kadura' in news,Premante Suluvu Kadura - Rajeev Saluri, Simmi Das,

'Premante suluvu kadhu  adhi neevu gelava levura' these lines are said by  'Pawan Kalyan' dozen years ago. at that time it was sensational song . Now the famous music director Koti's son, 'Rajiv' used the same lines for his upcoming film .'Premante suluvu kadu ra' Directed by  Chanda Govind Reddy produced by bhavanasi Prasad under R.p Productions banner . 
Simmi das playing female lead role Currently movie team is busy with post production works .

Kasi Vishwanath, Madhumati, Ashok Kumar, jabardast Baby, chammak Chandra, Chitti, Tarzan, Khalil Bhasha, Sampath Raj  playing key roles among others 

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