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Ladies & Gentlemen Any Where online

 Ladies and Gentlemen leads the way with online release through MyCelluloid

We’ve all heard about the first film to start a trend, be it an item song, slapstick comedy, over-the-top action scenes or the extremely overused sentiment of a young man falling for his ‘maradhalu’ (cousin), and ultimately becomes the catalyst for their families to reunite. However many people may agree or disagree with these forms of entertainment, they have worked, and so no surprises that others queued up to mimic their success formulae.

Madhura Sreedhar and MVK Reddy produced a first of its kind film focussing the impacts of social media and networking on the relationships. Now they have teamed up with MyCelluloid (www.mycelluloid.com) to take one step further and officially release the movie online, starting with overseas (outside India initially). Now you can watch the movie, through MyCelluloid, directly in their laptops and connected TV’s at the convenience of their time and leisure.

According to our grapevine, this is one of the first Telugu movies to be making its presence online officially, within 2 weeks of theatrical release. The unit seems extremely excited about leading the way and opening up this new avenue to increase the profitability of films.

The team behind MyCelluloid, are excited to launch their VoD platform with the screening of Ladies and Gentlemen. We are confident that audience will like this new experience and we wish all the best for MyCelluloid and its team.

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