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Bham Bhole Nath Release Date Changed

 'bham bolenath'coming On 27   Navdeep, Naveen Chandra ,Pradeep playing lead roles in the film 'bham bolenath'. R.C.C.  entartainments siruvuri rajesvarma produced the film under the banner of the Legion of Kartik Varma debut as a director. The film was completed on July 27, preksakulamundukuranundi all programs. Speaking on the occasion, the director of 'an array of three stories, three people with different lives ... for the same goal, they struggle to make our film aviskarincam interesting. The story, the story is new, "he said. The producer said, "two and a half hours, leading to unexpected turn in the comedy throughout the film. In addition to the impressive factors are the youth of kutumbapreksakulni. The film was made in the vein of new experiences for new audiences. It is well worth a visit with the family entertainer. Naccutundanna looked at the audience, "he said. Prachi, Shreya, Posani Krishna, pankajkesari, Praveen Kumar, Naveen, Raghu penmetsa, Dhanraj, Prithvi, kadambari Kiran, kanci and others in the cast of the film camera: Bharani K dharan, the words: koppisetti Sharon, Kartik Varma armament, songs krsnacaitanya, Balaji, subbaraya Sharma, Art jekemurti, Editor: Praveen Pudi, Music: sayikartik, co-produced by: ragha penmetsa, kakarlapudi Ramakrishna, yadlapalli Teja, Srikanth dantaluri, story, screenplay and direction: Kartik Varma armament.

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