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Allu Arjun Boyapati film in Geetha Arts -Official News

 Allu Arjun, in combination with a powerful director Boyapati Srinu ambitious film production company gitaarts  Stylish Star Allu Arjun run resugurram Law Office Collection, a series of super-powerful director of Success own special place in the box office, the film is directed by Boyapati Srinu sampayincina powerful director vellanundi sets the roundabout. Ace prodyusar Aravind consecutive victories in South India and in the film, but also nart India blakbastars is being provided by the prestigious architectural firm gitaarts banner in the picture. Success with music by Thaman being on the Success of. SS music programs andistunnadui cult film, completed in March, April, and the regular shooting from the start.  Stay .. Ace prodyusar said Aravind, Allu Arjun, I think, from several days to film in the combination of Boyapati Srinu. Boyapati, he told me the story, a well-liked Bunny're in gitaarts our banner. Pure Love Story of Heroism been out and out commercial entertainer, such as a picture of the terakekkistunnam mix. Bunny fans of the film, the audience would want to look perfect, everyone loved telling the story of Boyapati Srinu with such keraktaraijesan. Resugurram after the image of his style of wearing bunny Energy drsthilo have a new kriyot Boyapati. The two actresses playing the movie. Say that the details soon. After the image resugurram Thaman second film, which in combination with bunny. This is a picture of ritual began in March, April, making regular suting. The film is as entertaining .. all sections of the audience, along with the rest of the actresses, actors, technicians are soon going to be going to teliyajestamani  Director Boyapati Srinu, the movie would have to do with .. Bunny. Bunny Body Language to sidhdhancesanu saripoyo correct story. Arvind Rao, bunny soon as I heard this story was okay. Pure out and out of the story heroism, gallantry would have been a Love Story. Kanapadatadanedi am sure that the new bunny in the movie. Also, it is desirable to bunny-in-law as a producer Allu Aravind gitaarts banner was made in the image is very happy. The movie celebrates the pooja ceremony in March, April and vellanunnamu sets the roundabout. After the film another movie with Sai Sai Srinivas would. As soon as it is completed suting this image. Is going to be.  Myujik thamaneses, matalu emratnam, produced by Allu Aravind, Story-Screenplay-Direction - Boyapati Srinu

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