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Rudrangi story is born out of our problems: Director Ajay samrat

 Rudrangi story is born out of our problems: Director Ajay samrat

Rudrangi is one of the most hyped-about movies in recent times. This periodic drama is produced by Telangana MLA Dr Rasamai Balakishan. Ajay Samrat, who wrote the dialogues for Baahubali and RRR, is directing this movie. This movie is going to release on July 7.

The movie stars ensemble cast like Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Vimala Raman, Divya, Ashish Gandhi, Ganavi Laxman, Kalakeya, among others in key roles. The trailer of the film has recently been released and is receiving positive feedback from netizens. As release date is nearing, makers promoting the film aggressively.

Today director Ajay Samrat interacted with media about this film. He said "I wrote this story on stories I heard as a child from my grandfather, circumstances I witnessed, and history I read. Our film is set in Telangana, but the story is global. Similar revolts will occur wherever these issues exist. Many films have been made about the oppression of nobility. But this time will be absolutely different. I filmed it as a emotional family and social drama."

Talking about Jagapathi babu garu, "No one stepped forward at first to hear the story. During Corona, I told this story to Jagapathi Babu, who thought it was good. After the lockdown, I told the story again. He put forth a lot of effort for this project."

Talking about the making, he said "The visuals are amazing for the budget. Every small detail, including character mood, lighting, conversation mood, and tone, has been taken care of. Together, the cameraman and I had several discussions while producing the movie. We spent six months working on pre-production. We finished the shooting quickly."

He added "Never once have I claimed to have worked on Baahubali. I hate promoting myself. I have no idea how. I wrote the dialogue for Rajanna and Baahubali. I'm familiar with Rajamouli professionally."

Talking about the brilliant actors in Rudrangi, he said "I love the actor Mamata Mohan Das garu. I enjoy her acting in the movie Yamadonga. She can dance and sing well. When I learned that she had cancer, I was really devastated. Knowing that she had beat cancer, I approached. She thanked me for approaching her about the role and mentioned that she hasn't got a call from him in ten years. She nodded her for the role  right away after listening to the story for five minutes. For a different role, I approached Vimala Raman garu. Rudrangi was the main focus of Jagapathi Babu garu. He used to arrive on set at eight in the morning if the shoot starts at twelve every day. He had great faith in me."

If the movie is good, people will watch it. A small sandalwood film Kantara was super success in every language. Big production released the film here in Telugu and even with the less promotions, the film created sensation. People will see and say what my faith is in this film. I also accept criticism.

In sixty days, we finished filming this movie. Producer Rasamai is very eager to start a movie. He cautioned me against wasting money. The producer did everything he could. I have additional many stories. After the Rudrangi movie, I'll talk about them. Mythri distribution is releasing this film on July 7th.

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