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Narayana & Co Review & rating

Check out the Review of Narayana & Co starring Sudhakar Komakula directed by Chinna Papisetty 


Narayana & Co's story is all about a middle-class family headed by PK Narayana (Devi Prasad) he lives his life happily with his wife Janaki (Aamani), and two sons Anand (Sudhakar Komakula) and Subbu (Jai Krishna) suddenly they will land in financial problems how they come out of those is the story 


In this segment we must appreciate Sudhakar Komakula for his performance he has done decent job He played the role with perfection His dialogue delivery is good and his body language is impressive. 

Arati Podi ,Pooja Kiran has done decent job Devi Prasad is the one of the main pillar of the film he has done out standing performance He gave his best performance and he elevated the scenes with his expressions and emotions Aamani justified her role 

 Ali Reza Thothapalli MadhuSrikanth Iyengar and Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu has done decent job 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values each and every Frame is so Rich Producers has spent quality amount on the movie 

Story Dialogues and narration is good Chinna Papisetty has done good job in engaging audiences Ravi Golli and Rajiv Kosanam work is splendid cinematography is neat Music by Josyabhatla Rajasekhar is good 

Particularly background music is elevated the scenes.  

Plus Points 

Sudhakar Komakula




Production values 


On whole Narayana & Co is a decent and must watch film

Rating 3/5

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