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6 things about Ram Charan that make him relatable and funny - Check out his interview now

 6 hilarious moments from Ram Charan's Interview with Tanmay Bhatt that will make you fall in love with him more

6 things about Ram Charan that make him relatable and funny - Check out his interview now

In a whirlwind of success and joy, Global Ram Charan has been soaring high in 2023. After winning the hearts of audiences worldwide to the arrival of his sweet baby girl, Ram Charan is the most sought out man of the year in the industry right now. 

In a recent YouTube interview with the ever-entertaining Tanmay Bhatt, Ram Charan took centre stage, revealing 6 entertaining things in this fun-filled tête-à-tête with Tanmay Bhatt, proving that even amidst stardom and success, he remains the down-to-earth and relatable superstar we all adore.

*Ram's Watch Collection - What he bought with his first pay check* 

Ram Charan spilled the beans on his luxury purchase out of his first pay check. Little did he know his first ever watch will lead to an opulent collection of wristwatches. He shares his recent favourite pick during COVID which is a Casio military watch that became his constant companion.

*Online Shopping Quirks - From low to high, Ram Charan's priceless strategy*

Ram Charan speaks his unconventional approach to online shopping that had Tanmay and the viewers in splits. 

Discovering the ultimate online shopping secret, Ram Charan showcases the charm of his relatability as he explores products from the lowest price range, browsing his way up to higher tiers. 

*From Sisters to stylists*

Unveiling the hidden secrets of his fashion journey, Ram Charan gives a shoutout to his early on stylists who he he grew up with. Growing up amidst a troop of sisters, he was subjected to a plethora of fashion advice that has still stayed with him. However, the game changed when the baton was passed to his wife, Upasana who elevated his wardrobe game with a touch of her elegance. Discover how comfort meets chic in the fashion realm of the charismatic star.

*Gift-Giving Gone - Ram Charan's hilarious adventures in surprising his lady love*

Stepping into the quirky world of relationship dynamics, Ram Charan shares some comedic gems of his gift-giving escapades. Embracing vulnerability, he reveals that the key to successful surprises lies in asking your significant other what they truly desire. The laughter rolls in as he recounts the time he missed the mark, gifting Upasana an expensive surprise that didn't quite hit the mark, proving that even the glitz and glamour can't save you from playful mishaps.

*Cyber Frauds and Heartbreaks - Ram Charan's relatable encounters with online shopping blunders*

Peeling back the layers of stardom, we encounter the human side of Ram Charan, vulnerable to the same mishaps as any regular netizen. He opens up about a heart-wrenching cyber-fraud experience when a much-anticipated gadget arrived in an unusable condition. This candid confession reminds us that celebrities, too go through normal people experiences just like us. 

*Bonus Flashback Fun - Ram Charan reacts to his flashback photos*

The two delve into the nostalgia-filled vault of Ram Charan's throwback fashion choices. The two react to some iconic looks pulled off by the actor and our favourite has to be the one from his first ever photoshoot as a child. 

Check out the video to catch glimpses from Ram's youth and you certainly do not want to miss out on this. 


Ram Charan's hilarious interview with Tanmay Bhatt was a true revelation of his witty and relatable side. From watch collections to online shopping tips and amusing gift-giving tales, he proved that despite being a global star he remains refreshingly grounded and humorous. As we await details of his upcoming project, we wish to see lots more candid moments from the charismatic star.

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