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Issue with “EVA IVF” Hospital has been resolved- YASHODA Film Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad.

Issue with “EVA IVF” Hospital has been resolved- YASHODA Film Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad.

Yashoda movie has been directed by Hari & Harish with Samantha playing the title role produced under the banner of Sridevi Movies by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad. We all are aware of the fact that the film Yashoda has been released across the globe in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada & Hindi languages and received tremendous response.

With the name EVA being used in this film, the hospital authorities of “EVA IVF” have stepped the court premises. Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad had a healthy talk with the authorities and resolved the issue harmoniously. It is said that EVA name has been removed in the movie. As the problem was resolved, Sivalenka Krishna Prasad held a press conference on Tuesday along with EVA IVF MD Tumu Mohana Rao.

Sivalenka Krishna Prasad stated that “it is known that our film Yashoda with Samantha in a lead role is successful”. We’ve shown Surrogacy Facility in the film naming it as ‘EVA’, wherein our definition of it is entirely different; EVA (EMBRYO VITRIFICATION ARTISTRY). However, ‘EVA IVF’ fertility hospital- Hyderabad, Warangal tried to seek justice through the court saying that as cinema is a powerful medium, showcasing EVA in Yashoda would bring inconvenience to them. The court ordered that the name should not be used in OTT except theatres. As we are unaware of this and also, we neither have intention to hurt the sentiments of others nor to hurt any individual. So, I immediately contacted the authorities of ‘EVA IVF’ hospital. We have utmost respect for film industry; but as our sentiments got hurt, we’ve chosen this way is what they’ve stated. They’ve said that they have no objection if the name EVA is removed from the said film. This film received tremendous response and for that I would like to thank the media and more importantly the management of EVA IVF. We’ve removed EVA from the film. In future, the name EVA will not appear anywhere in the film YASHODA. As the cinema is successfully being run in the theatres and to change the name in theatres, it has to be done through Censor and KDM’s have to be changed after that. As this is a time-consuming process, EVA hospital authorities accepted to this. I’ve visited their hospital which is being run very organisedly with good service. Not knowing, as we’ve used the name, there’s been a small disturbance and now we are happy to announce that everything got resolved and both the parties are extremely happy.  

EVA IVF MD Tumu Mohana Rao said “Few days earlier, I have come before the media to express my views of the name of my hospital being used in the movie YASHODA. The immediate day, Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad approached us and spoke to us regarding all the objections we’ve placed before the court and promised us that he would remove the name EVA. As promised, he even removed the name EVA from the film. Some people are raising the point that the other day we’ve raised a damage suit of 5 crores; even then I have mentioned that I have never done this to earn money, we have raised just to make sure that they get to know the value of our hospital. Our main motto is to see that EVA IVF brand name doesn’t get damaged. And that’s the reason we’ve filed the case. The other evening they’ve projected the movie to me and all those related to the name EVA has been removed. Yesterday (Monday), we’ve gone to the court and announced that we are extremely happy with the changes made by the producer of YASHODA. At the same time, we’ve also declared that we are withdrawing the case and the honourable court accepted immediately. With the acceptance of both the parties, the case is withdrawn. We’ve never expected that this case would find a happy ending so soon. Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad and his team responded very well and we are extremely happy for that. We never knew that we would find such immediate solution to a problem if we’ve consulted the producer himself, that’s the reason I’ve taken court steps. As shown in movie, such cases might have happened in foreign countries. I’ve personally taken the producer to our hospital to show how exactly we implement and such things never happen in the outside world except in movies” is what he reciprocated. 

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